You have finally decided to upgrade from taking pictures from your smartphone to a camera. But wait! Although you are excited about it, you still have a lot of factors to consider before you head out to buy the best camera.

One of them is your budget which by the looks of things you can only afford a medium budget camera. But that should not worry you since there are many great vlogging cameras around $500 out there. All you have to do is consider some factors before you buy the ideal camera for you.


Determine the Type of Camera

Do you know by determining the type of camera you need you 50% closer to owning medium budget camera. Simply, there are 3 basic types of cameras, these include

  • Point and shoot: The most basic of the three, these types of cameras are easy to use. You just point the camera at a subject, zoom in or out and press the button to take the photo. Note that, no matter how easy it is to use the camera is just the same as a smartphone.
  • Mirrorless: Mirrorless cameras are substantially smaller than DSLRs. They are better than point and shoot since their lenses are interchangeable. They also produce the high quality photos.
  • DSLRs: Although you can find several DSLRs models for your price range, most of them are a bit expensive. Mostly used by professionals, the cameras offer full functionality and control over your shots therefore, giving you high image quality. The downside to them is that they are big and bulky.


Consider the Brand

There are various camera brands in the market and it is important to know which one to choose. For example, you will find brands such as Nikon, Fuji, among others that produce high quality cameras. However, it is good to do some research especially if you are looking for a pro level camera. If you are unsure which brand to choose, you can start by reaching out to any of your friends who own cameras. Another place to look is the internet for reviews and also read articles or just view some camera content explaining the best brands to go for. Talking to a local sales staff in your local camera store is also a good idea to figuring which brand to go with.

Compare the Camera in Person

I know there are many cameras sold online but it would be wise if you can visit a local store and try out some cameras. For the digital cameras, you can request the shop attendance to snap a few shots the shop and see how they look. Also, by

Physically holding the camera you will get to feel its weight on your hands and decide if it’s right for you or not.

Check the Performance and Speed

Another factor to check while in the camera store is performance and speed. No matter how much you are spending there is no need of buying a slow focus camera which takes forever to take pictures. The good news most modern cameras have sufficient performance for an average and professional user. That means the camera can focus on the subject quickly as well as adjust to any exposer.  This is where the ability to take several pictures per seconds means.


The two main features you should look for are WIFI and GPS. Needless to say, WIFI is the most important one since it will be easier to share your images straight to your online platforms. These usually include Facebook, Instragram and even Twitter.  This removes the need to connect to your PC therefore giving you a chance to transfer the images in minutes.


I hope the above points will be helpful when it comes to understanding how to choose a camera for a medium budget. Due follow them and you will surely get the right camera for your needs.