Adobe Analytics Customer Stories

User stories that involve the use of Adobe Analytics are somewhat different from other stories.

Participants are not external customers, but internal users who make use of the dashboards and reports. This could be the owner of the product, designers, marketers or anyone who is responsible for making decisions about the software.

The participant’s journey involves using the features of the Adobe Analytics toolkit, so the complete scenario will include the product they are implementing and the analytics tool.

Contrary to popular belief, data alone doesn’t drive change. Stories do, especially when they are backed by data. In Analysis Workspace, Adobe has added powerful capabilities to help you tell stories that leave a lasting impression and inspire action. That’s why leading brands rely on Adobe.

Generally, a good team will generate small stories from larger stories through discovery and conversation.

That said here are a few stories from the Adobe customer stories page that attest to the success of implementing Adobe Analytics.



“Because we can see how successful our campaigns are, we know which ones are best at encouraging customers to book on our website instead of other channels.”

Ahmed Elemam, Senior Digital Analyst, WestJet

WestJet was looking to provide better, more personalized experiences. With Adobe Analytics’ Campaign management, they brought together all their cross-channel marketing campaign data so that their marketers can see how different experiences impacted their customers.



“People who call in are the most likely to be become and remain Progrexion customers. We needed to better understand where to spend our time improving the cross-channel experience to increase calls, and ultimately sales, through our call center.”

Kirk Nielson, Assistant Director, PMO at Progrexion

Progrexion took charge of their web analytics to help strengthen their relationships with customers across all segments and channels by shaping more meaningful conversations.



“The ability to load dashboards and monitor important online events of real-time data helps streamline and focus the team’s efforts on performance. Whether it’s Black Friday or the launch of an updated website, Adobe Analytics helps us monitor performance and spot errors in real time.”

Scott Sturcke, Director, Online Marketing Management, Epson America

Epson wanted to take their experiences to the next level, optimizing the journey for their diverse customer base. Adobe Analytics is helping them to do just that — and accelerate processes and discover anomalies with minimal effort.



“Using attribution data, we’re working toward predictive analysis that will allow us to find an ideal distribution for budget across campaigns and channels.”

Alexander Gaertner, Head of Digital Analytics, DER Touristik

Travel customers expect a highly personalized experience from start to finish. To meet that expectation, DER Touristik is taking control of their data to create better user experiences — and generate greater returns.


Still not convinced ? Then check Adobe Analytics for more success stories.

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