Over the years Adobe has continued to refine its products by improving and adding new features.

The following are some of the features you get with Adobe analytics.

Pre-Built Reporting and Analytics

This lets you make use of the ready-to-use out of the box set of reports that deliver critical insights for improving online success.

Interactive dashboards: Gain critical customer insight with dashboards showing detailed information on purchasing metrics, customer loyalty, campaigns, visitor profiles, and more.

Long-tail analytics: Work with a limitless number of rows of data or unique values that you want to analyze or report on.

Mobile analytics And Mobile Marketing

  • Accurately identify mobile visitors and their device capabilities. Mobile device reporting from an extensive library of device profiles to uniquely identify specific mobile device types and manufacturers
  • Geo-location and carrier identification for more accurate mobile marketing campaigns specific to countries and carriers
  • Mobile bookmarks and dashboards access via mobile Web login.
  • Mobile email report delivery in a mobile-friendly format for easy reading on mobile devices

Video analytics; Reveal the impact and effectiveness of video campaigns with detailed stream tracking. Giving you the ability to find sweet-spots for ad placement by seeing the most viewed video sections

Social analytics; Track and measure owned social media to understand the impact and effectiveness of social campaigns.

A vast ecosystem of in-built integrations

Easily integrate with top third-party application providers, such as; for email, ad serving, and search through drag-and-drop.

Multi-report workspace analysis; Easily manage multidimensional analysis of multiple reports in a single workspace.

Excel integration; Import and automatically process and perform custom analysis and visualizations in Excel.

Optimized campaign performance

Measure conversion performance from Adobe and third-party softwares and concentrating advertising ventures on the most astounding performing campaigns and channels.

Tag Management with a fairly intuitive interface enables for easy deployment of data collection and distribution of business- specific marketing data

Anomaly Detection capability helps companies to identify hidden patterns and contributing factors for statistical anomalies in their raw data. By quickly analyzing analytics data, it can save countless hours searching for reasons why company metrics may have changed.

Enhanced reporting and visibility:

View aggregated reports and analytics from Adobe and partner‘s online marketing applications in a single dashboard view.

A vast ecosystem of prebuilt integrations:

You can immediately integrate top third-party application providers, such as for email, ad serving, and search via Drag-and-drop.

The aforementioned features are just the tip of the iceberg. So for more information on the features of Adobe analytics features click here.