Up until about ten years ago, keeping up with family photos meant taking your camera to a local print shop and having everything developed. You’d go through the resulting photos and decide which ones to keep, and then duplicates would be divided up by between family members and friends. The photos that you wanted for yourself would (if you’re organized) be put into a nice scrapbook or (if you’re like most people) shoved into a photobox to be looked at another day.


For some reason, there are millions of people still following this exact same procedure despite the fact that they could save a significant amount of time (and money) by keeping their photos in digital form and using a photo organizer software.


Why You Should Stick To Digital

Unless you are an avid scrapbooker with photo protectors at the ready, there is simply no reason to be printing your photos to keep track of them. In fact, you’re better off leaving your photos in digital form where they are backed up online and safe from fires, water damage, or being lost.


So, the first step to getting your photos organized with the help of technology is to begin using online software to do so. Next time you take some lovely family photos that you’d like to keep, upload them to your photo keeping platform and you can rest easy knowing that they are safe in the digital world where they can’t be damaged or lost. Of course, if you end up wanting to print them, it’s as simple as downloading the file and sending them to the printer.


Here are the benefits of using such a software:

  • Your photos are safe in digital format.
  • You don’t have to keep up with dozens of photoboxes and unfinished scrapbooks anymore.
  • Anytime you want a physical print, you just have to download the photo and send it to the printer!
  • You can share your photos with ease in a simple-to-save format for all your friends and family to enjoy.
  • You can import your digital photos into any online printing or scrapbooking software from one easy platform.
  • Automatically sort by date or tag by place for easy viewing.
  • Sort your pictures in any way to create a perfect slide show


Additionally, you can even scan in the images you have printed out now and save them digitally where they will be kept for years and years to come. This will also help you find duplicate   photos and help clear out the clutter your home has accumulated. Transfering your photos to digital format means you’ll be able to enjoy and share them year after year without the fear of them being lost, damaged, or faded over time.


That in itself will give you great peace of mind knowing that your photos are in safekeeping, ready to be viewed whenever you wish.