Fox News is one of the few respected news channels in the world, and it is worth subscribing for if you need comprehensive reporting on a variety of news topics around the globe. The channel was established in 1996, and although it has undergone a number of changes to make it the giant it currently is in the broadcasting industry, one thing has, however, remained the same – it is geo-blocked outside the United States. This means that you can only watch it when you are in the United States.

Consequently, American expats, students, tourists and any other American national who is currently outside the United States risk missing their favorite shows unless they find a way of spoofing their online locations to make it appear as if they are accessing the channel from locations within the United States. The good news is that it is possible to “cheat” about your online location, and you don’t have to miss your favorite shows on Fox News if you are outside the United States.

How to spoof your online location to watch Fox News while abroad

The common and the most reliable way to spoof your online location and access geo-blocked content is through the use of virtual private networks, VPNs. A Virtual Private Network is a technology which makes it possible for people to access websites privately and anonymously by masking their IP address so that the websites or channels you are interested in visiting are fooled that you are accessing from locations which are note geo-blocked.

When you browse normally in the internet, your IP address is usually locked to a fixed location, and websites are able to visit clearly indicate the region, country or city you are browsing from. If the channel decides to restrict their content in certain areas, all they have to do is block IP addresses originating from those locations. However, with the use of a VPN, you are able to create back channels which will make the website think that you are accessing the website from the locations that are not blocked.

For example, you could be in Abu Dhabi and since this is not a location in the United States, you will definitely not be able to watch Fox News. But with a VPN, you can have a connection to make you appear as if you are browsing from Chicago, and be able to access any content you so desire from Fox News.

How to use a VPN to change your online location and watch Fox News

For you to use a VPN, you will have to install some piece of softwareto your laptop or mobile devices. The software is provided by the VPN provider, and since there are free and paid options, we highly recommend that you stick to the paid options because they are safe, secure and more reliable than their free counterparts. Don’t worry about the prices; VPNs are extremely affordable and you don’t need any tech skill to install them. If you have ever installed any app in your computer or mobile device, then you will have no problem installing a VPN.

Once you install the VPN, all you have to do is configure the settings and change the location to a location within the United States and then you will be ready to go. Simply log into your streaming device or go to the Fox News website and start watching your favorite news shows. Your IP address shall have been masked and it will appear as if you are browsing from the United States, thus effectively bypassing any geo-restrictions put in place by Fox News.


A few things to note about using VPNs to watch Fox News live stream abroad

While you consider the use of VPNs to watch Fox News live stream outside the United States, there are a few things you should have in mind if you want to have the best experience in your live streaming (live streaming,  ดูบอลสด in Thai). They include the following-:

  1. Free VPNs are unreliable and may sometimes give away your location and make Fox News lock you out from their network. Always consider a VPN subscription for more safety and reliability.
  2. The VPN may slow down your internet speeds due to the masking and back channeling happening in the background, but this should not be a great concern if you find a reputable provider.
  3. With a VPN, you will not just enjoy anonymity, but also your privacy will be protected since your browsing history will remain hidden. It means that sites won’t cookie you and retarget you with ads based on the content you were viewing.
  4. Remember to turn on the VPN every time you want to access geo-restricted channels such as Fox News live streams. Alternatively, you can set the VPN to turn on automatically every time you power on your device or you get into the internet.

With all this information, you will be able to watch Fox News live stream on your computer or mobile device, including any content from websites that have geo-restrictions.