Advantages of a Vacation in a Holiday Flat

Many people think intensely about accommodation during a holiday trip. It is not surprising that almost everyone dreams of a comfortable accommodation like the grand sierra resort, but almost everyone also emphasizes that its price is not insignificant. Fortunately, we are not talking about expectations that cannot be fulfilled.

In their context, a standard holiday home seems to be an excellent solution. This is an extremely popular option when it comes to accommodation that combines an affordable price and high comfort. Booking a holiday cottage is the norm today, regardless of whether we plan to spend the upcoming holiday by the sea or the mountains seem to be much more interesting to us. It turns out that although their price is not big, holiday cottages give us something that we may lack at some point on vacation – a sense of privacy.

If we rent accommodation from someone in the house, we have to take into account that we will spend the holiday in the company of unknown to us holidaymakers. This makes it impossible for us to afford full freedom, because it often leads to difficulties for other holidaymakers. Luckily, a holiday cottage makes us forget about this kind of problem. Nobody will control us in it, and our own kitchenette means that we are not condemned to eating in the resort, which often generates additional cost. All this makes the cottage appears to be an excellent variant for those for whom holidays are an opportunity to rest and for everyone who values only their privacy, but also free time.

Save money

If you have ever booked a hotel holiday for your family, you know how much it will cost. If you rent a private holiday flat, the costs per capita are much lower. Despite the lower prices, the holidaymaker usually has much more comfort at his disposal. This is primarily due to the high level of privacy.

Plenty of space

Hotel rooms are mainly used for sleeping. The time during the day is therefore often spent on leisure activities. However, families with children also want to come down and relax during the holiday season. In a holiday flat this is possible by separate premises as well as a lot of space. Due to a kitchen of your own and a spacious living area you can feel at home.

More space for yourself and your child. Less fear, less stress. We are not stressed when the child cries a little at night and other holidaymakers nervously knock on the walls. We are not in a hurry with breakfast, because our two-year-old runs around the table and interferes with other guests. We do not pressurize in a small room, where the little one has nowhere to play, and when we put on a child’s cot, it is hard to move. In the house we usually have a room, bedroom, living room and terrace / garden. We often have our own pool and other attractions.

When we go out to the pool, we do not have to take a big bag of accessories, because if we forget diapers / snacks / water / cream with a filter, we just enter the room, and we will not go by elevator to the 10th floor and walk along kilometers of corridors… as it usually looks in popular hotels in holiday resorts.

We are also not ashamed when the toddler screams, despairs or even falls asleep. After all, we are at home!


In many cases, pets are allowed in holiday flats. Visiting a hotel with a dog is difficult. Free-running pets in tourist conurbations can also be quite challenging. Since most holiday flats are located in rather quiet surroundings, the daily walkie is a positive relaxation factor.

Undisturbed and quiet

A stressful check-in at a hotel reception or the time-consuming search for a free chair at the hotel pool are not included in a vacation in a holiday flat. You are on your own and can plan your leisure time regardless of offered events, be it with good friends or with a family.

Altogether, there are many advantages for a vacation in a holiday flat. In order to find the ideal holiday flat, you should take a close look at the interior. Also, a 3D inspection as offered by Ferienwohnungen Falkensee can help with the decision.