The 5 Most Beautiful Kitchen Trends in 2019 – How to Make Your Kitchen an Eye-Catcher!

Whether you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or get inspired for a simple refreshment, this year there’s a whole range of new design trends that will give your kitchen and often associated living space a new look. Dodson Nova Management says, designing a kitchen requires a balance between aesthetics and functionality. It is a room that we furnish for years and every detail must be refined. Fortunately, we more and more often participate in the process of creating this space, because the environment can express our character and desires in an interesting way.

This year, many people will try to realize their dreams and fulfill their resolutions. The focus is often on their own living space. New technologies and living trends often affect the living room and the kitchen. For this reason we have summarised in this text which trends are most interesting for any kitchen in 2019.


Industrial Look

This trend was already on the rise in 2018 and first became established in offices. Industrial surfaces such as concrete still meet with great interest at design fairs. This rustic look is often combined with brushed brass that decorates handles, appliances or kitchen utensils or even sockets.

Minimalism versus luxury


Contemporary trends are looking for minimalistic solutions that will introduce cleanliness and transparency in the interior. Such a style results in a way from our pace and quality of life, where perfect organization and as few things around us as possible facilitate fast and efficient movement and preparation of meals. Minimalism is also an ally of order in the kitchen. In order to achieve such an effect it is necessary to combine several elements of decoration. First of all, monochromatic colours, usually in neutral colours (white, black, grey), handleless support system and a number of mechanisms facilitating almost every activity. In addition, good lighting based on energy-saving LED technology, which will be evenly distributed throughout the interior giving the impression of a very bright and transparent room.

Tiles and kitchens become hot and cold

The trends in colouring look somewhat back to America in the 70s. Cold pastel colours are therefore often combined with warm but soft colours. Here, too, the warmth of brass colours in combination with cool, turquoise tiles, for example, comes into its own. The appearance is rounded off by strong green from fresh herbs and the use of wood.

Strong colours and geometry

Another trend that has been well received at many kitchen and design fairs is the use of bold colours and geometric patterns. A good example for this is provided by Neisha Crosland in collaboration with Harvey Maria. Various strong blue tones can be found here on walls and furniture. But the eye-catching tiles of the same colour catch the eye with their striking and coarse geometric pattern. This design can also be easily combined with rustic wooden details.


Bright colour combinations on kitchen cupboards

Wild colour combinations in the kitchen create a contrast to the trend towards the tidy and sterile style of recent years. The colours must be perfectly matched to each other. The basis for this is also the combination of used looks and fresh, high-quality processing. Stained woods as well as pastel colours do very well here. Also here you can work well and gladly with brass or copper.

Design for eye-catching kitchen back walls

If you want to spice up your boring kitchen back wall, you don’t have to dig deep into your wallet. The decoration of the kitchen with a self-designed back wall is simple and requires no reconstruction work. The good thing about it is that you can even use your own photo. Alternatively, back walls with a stone look are also available, if you like it discreet and high-quality. The special thing about these back walls is that they are made of aluminium, acrylic glass or safety glass. Thus, an application at the stove is no problem and they are easy to wash off. To find out more about this topic, click here.

The kitchen trends for 2019 are once again raising the bar for style and luxury. Despite this, there are also many designs here that come with a timeless look, so you can make a change or a refreshment without hesitation. It is becoming more and more popular in the kitchen to use technological novelties, which make this room gain a new quality. Mainly due to fabrics, tiles, but also wallpapers, which are more and more often hosted in kitchen interiors. A clear tendency to create a surface with a heterogeneous structure in combination with a carefully finished surface of smooth fronts gives the kitchen a taste and luxury.