One thing that adults never stop doing is learning. You might stop growing in height, you might have all your teeth, but you don’t stop learning, as long as you are still living. It doesn’t matter if you are out of school or done with education, you keep improving whatever skills you have, and gaining more knowledge. 

 The possibilities of learning are endless; you might be a new parent who delves into a world of caring for and raising children. Or, you could be studying to get a promotion at work; gaining new knowledge about your line of work. 

 It is important to keep the brain ever busy; and research has shown how experiences and extracurricular activities that are outside the regular school curriculum have a positive impact on young children. If you are looking for ways to enhance your child’s learning opportunities outside of school, we have written on some of the best afterschool activities based on the recommendations from one of the best parenting websites to stimulate your child’s brain. 


DIY Musical Instruments 

 Go on a shopping spree with your child and gather supplies for DIY musical instruments. This project will be fun for you and your child; especially if they already have an interest in music. You can turn the project into a fun bonding session with your kids; creating simple drums out of empty containers, and many more simple instruments with grains of uncooked rice, bottles, and Popsicle sticks. 


Amateur Photography 

 Once you allow your child to explore their imagination, you would be shocked to learn just how imaginative they can be. Adults might overlook a lot of things, but children pay attention to the little things and would be quick to spot the beauty or wonder in the world. Photography is one skill that uses the beauty around the world to tell stories and create art. 

 You can help turn your child’s interest in beauty into a passion for photography by giving them a camera, or enroll them in a photography extracurricular class. Help your kids capture the things they find beautiful; or just some of their favorite foods and things, and create a collage. 


Yoga for kids 

 You might think that yoga is just for adults, but there are yoga classes for kids, and they are gaining quite the popularity. Yoga is great for children, especially as it helps them better coordinate their motor skills, and also helps them improve their flexibility. Also, if your child is prone to throwing tantrums or their emotions runs high easily, yoga is a great way to help them gain better control of their emotions through the use of deep breathing techniques and stretches. 

 As much as you wish your child to excel in the area of education, you shouldn’t put so much pressure on them that they have little time to play or express their own thoughts. On days when your child does not feel like engaging in any activity, you can allow them exercise their minds with easy worksheets for early age. If they want to play outside with their friends or visit the park, allow them to. A visit to the park can also be educational, you just need to engage your child in conversation, and point out the things you both notice. 

 The best way for kids to learn is when they are having fun while doing it. Take away your child from a classroom and teach him or her in unconventional ways to show them how learning can be fun. Include some of our ideas to your child’s schedule, and allow them explore the interests and creativity.