How Do Foreign Casinos Without a Swedish License Handle Responsible Gaming?

The restrictions on gambling in Sweden are more stringent than they are in most other countries. The main reason behind this is to help ensure responsible gaming and to reduce the risk for those who have problems with gambling. Let’s look at some of the types of restrictions that the government has in place.

Responsible Gaming Restrictions

Casinos with a Swedish license are not allowed to offer bonuses or free spins except for a welcome bonus. The government believes that offering bonuses, loyalty programs, and free spins will be an enticement for players to gamble more. They feel that they could be detrimental to someone who has a gambling problem and who can’t control how they are spending.

The government also requires there to be a three-second pause between slot pulls, and they don’t offer automated play. This slows down the gaming and gives people time to think about whether they want to continue playing. The Swedish government also enforces a limit on the amount of money that can be deposited each month. This is to keep people from spending too much money gambling.

While these restrictions could help a person that has a gambling problem, many players are not fond of the restrictions. The reason being that they don’t have a problem, so they shouldn’t be punished because others do.

Spelpaus Provides Game Breaks for Swedish Casinos

One of the other tools that Sweden has in place is called Spelpaus, which is essentially a self-exclusion feature. This is similar to ROFUS in Denmark and GamStop in England. It will allow players to shut down their online gaming at casinos with a Swedish license. Whenever you log in to one of these gaming accounts, the casino will check your information against Spelpaus. If you are registered there, you will not be able to play.

When you choose to have a self-imposed game break, you can choose the timeframe. There are options for one month, three months, six months, and until further notice. The until further notice option is a 12-month block. It’s important to keep in mind that after you put yourself on a game break, you can’t change your mind. It will last for the duration of the timeframe you chose.

People can use Spelpaus if they feel they have a problem gambling. They could also use it if they have some financial troubles and do not want the temptation of gambling while they are getting things situated. Once the break is over, they could resume gambling if their situation has changed. Those who have a gambling addiction, though, should stay on the game break and should get some outside help to deal with the problem.

Do Casinos Without a Swedish License Use Spelpaus?

No, only casinos that are licensed in Sweden have Spelpaus. This tool won’t be available through other casinos, which could be a problem for those who feel that they may have trouble with gambling or who may need to take a break. Although this tool might not be available, some online casinos may have self-exclusion game break features of their own. These will often work similarly, but they might only be for that casino and not all of the casinos that are licensed by a certain governing body.

Additionally, casinos in Malta are changing somewhat for 2021. Some minor amendments are being added for player protection. For example, they will have 18+ warnings and language on their pages, and they can only direct their promotions and advertising to those who are of legal age to gamble.

They will also be required to have a responsible gaming page on their site. This should give players responsible gaming instructions on what they should do if they have a gambling problem, and it should provide means for people to determine whether they have a gambling problem. The page is supposed to include links for players to get help if they need it. If the casino offers a self-exclusion tool, this should be located on the page, as well.

Gaming sites in Malta will typically have other features that can provide player protection, as well. For example, you can self-impose deposit limits and gaming breaks. The tools can help people to keep their gambling under control.

If you were using a gaming site with a Swedish license, and you put yourself on a game break, you could still gamble through casinos without a Swedish license. They don’t use Spelpaus, so they would not know that you are on a break. This could be good for those who have bettered their finances and who do not have a gambling problem. However, those that do have a gambling addiction should avoid gambling going forward.

What to Do If You Have a Gambling Problem

If you worry that you might have a gambling problem, you will want to put yourself on a game break. Check to see if the casino that you are using offers this type of tool or not. If it does, use it. If it doesn’t consider closing your account and finding other forms of help. There are helplines, online sites, and groups, as well as therapy that could help with gaming addiction. The important thing is that you find a way to get the assistance you need to deal with the problem.

Even though gambling addiction might not seem as serious as an addiction to drugs, it can cause severe problems both financially and socially. It could affect your family and your employment.

Learn More About the Casinos Before Registering

When you are searching for a casino utan Svensk licens, you will want to check to see what types of player protections they have in place. As mentioned, the casinos in Malta will typically have a range of features and information. Casinos in other areas may not have this level of protection, though. Check for these features and choose the casino that’s right for you. Remember to get help for gambling if you discover that you have a problem, too.