Most car owners in San Diego drive their car during the day, and are interested in getting tinted window for the car to protect themselves against Ultraviolet (UV) rays in the sunlight. They would like to ensure that the car window tint they get is of high quality and will last for a longer time. They would also like to find a window tinting services which is experienced and professional . In some cases, the existing window tint is damaged, and may have to be replaced with a new tint. Hence it is advisable to use the services of an experienced auto styling shop in San Diego


Get Your Windows Tinted with an Experienced Shop

A car owner should use a repair and styling shop which offers computer cut car window tint San Diego with patterns for the car windows cut precisely based on the make, model and year of the vehicle. This ensures that the vehicle will not get damaged by the tools for tint cutting during installation of the window tint. The tint installed on the vehicle will be of the highest quality with straight edges, like the window tint installed in a factory. Since the auto styling business is an authorized dealer of the leading tint film supplier, they can offer the best possible prices.


How Much Is Car Window Tinting?

Depending on the budget and requirement of the vehicle owner getting the car window tint installed, he can choose from four different types of window tints. Vehicle owners with a limited budget can purchase the basic tint with dyed film. This is reasonably priced at $149 for five windows. The tint material is non reflective with no metal and is a classic grey colored tint. It offers UV protection of up to 98% and heat rejection upto 39%. Installing the tint will not affect the GPS, cellular, satellite radio communication or system for monitoring the tire pressure. However, only a limited warranty is offered on this window tint.

For car owners with a higher budget, a high performance hybrid metallic film is available, priced at $249 for all seven windows of the car. Depending on the requirement of the car owner, they can choose different shades of black, like 5% , 20%, 35% and 50% . The reflective material used is a hybrid of metallic and dyed material. The UV protection offered is a maximum of 98% and the heat rejection is higher than dyed film at 49% . The hybrid film makes the vehicle look sleek and stylish, and the heat rejection is also higher. A limited lifetime warranty is offered.

Car owners can also opt for a luxury metallic tint for their vehicle priced at $349. Their reflective metallic window is neutral in color. The limits for UV protection and heat rejection are also higher at 99% and 61% respectively. A lifetime warranty is offered on this film which is guaranteed against color change or fading, and the clarity of this film is also superior. The nano ceramic tint is the highest quality tint protecting the vehicle driver against solar heat, IR and UV rays. The car window-tint is priced at $449 and a lifetime warranty is offered on the tint. The tint uses nano-ceramic material and does not contain any metal or dye. It is neutral in color, and has the highest UV, heat rejection at 99%, 95% respectively. It is also scratch resistant.