Maybe you’ve heard your friends talk about vaping wax, or maybe you’ve seen this phrase floating around the internet lately.  Vaping wax is largely associated with heavier, more experienced cannabis users, but the truth is that it’s something that anyone can try as it’s a very simple method of consuming cannabis.  All that’s required are two things: the wax itself, and the proper device to vaporize it in a way that allows its compounds to really shine.

If you’re interested in giving this style of cannabis consumption a try, this guide is for you.  We’re going to discuss what vaping wax actually is, why it’s so popular, what you need to get started and what you can expect as a beginner.

What is Vaping Wax?w

First things first: vaping wax is not to be confused with dabbing wax.  Yes, both of these activities involve the use of a concentrated cannabis wax, but the means by which they are enjoyed and utilized are very different from each other.  Vaping wax is easily the more popular method of enjoying wax between the two, and for good reason.

Vaping wax involves taking a concentrated cannabis wax and placing it inside the heating chamber of a vaporizer device.  Then, the user selects the temperature at which they wish the wax to be vaporized, as different temperatures bring out different flavor notes while maximizing certain compounds over others.

Today, many different vaporizers on the market are specially designed to accommodate wax specifically, mainly due to its growing popularity.

Bear in mind that wax can also be referred to as concentrate, due to the fact that it’s simply very concentrated cannabis that has a thick, waxy consistency.  It’s not to be confused with shatter, which is a hard, concentrated, resin-like substance that can shatter due to its glass-like nature.

Why is Vaping Wax So Popular?

Vaping wax offers many advantages.  For one thing, it seems to provide more potency per hit due to the concentrated nature of it, which is very appealing to many people.  This allows it to be a more cost-efficient choice for many, and allows people to experience more satisfaction with fewer puffs, and less product overall.

Additionally, vaping wax produces an experience that’s unique from other methods.  Certain compounds seem to be more pronounced due to the way in which the wax is heated, and the way in which that heat is distributed throughout the product.

Additionally, vaping has become the preferred method among many enthusiasts in recent years, as it has many advantages over more traditional methods.  For one thing, it’s far more discreet as vapor dissipates into the air more quickly, leaving a less potent aroma and no smoke that lingers.  It’s also less harsh to the throat, which is great for those who desire a smoother way to inhale those many compounds.

Lastly, vaping wax is a very portable method compared to more traditional setups.  It allows the user to bring a portable vaporizer of any size with them wherever they go.  This is ideal for people who travel a lot throughout the day and enjoy being able to reach for their vaporizer quickly no matter where they are.

What’s Needed to Vape Wax?

Like we said, two things are required in order to vape wax.  One, of course, is the wax itself.  Now, needless to say, not all waxes are created equally.  First and foremost, your wax must come from a highly trusted source as this is absolutely crucial.  Secondly, like all cannabis products, waxes vary in terms of strains, which refer to their unique chemical compositions.  Choosing a wax strain that suits your needs is key to finding the satisfaction that you desire.

Secondly, you need a vaporizer device.  There are many different wax vaporizers on the market today, but it’s essential that you choose a vaporizer that specifically states that it’s compatible with wax.  You can decide if you wish to have a vaporizer that’s pocket-friendly or a bit larger.  Know that the smaller the vaporizer, the weaker the battery, in most cases.  So, if you have a small vaporizer, you’ll likely need to bring a charger with you wherever you go.

What Can I Expect When Vaping Wax for the First Time?

Know that vaping wax is all about trial and error in the beginning.  It can take a while to determine the size of the hits that you should take, and the output setting at which your device should be set.

Vaping Wax is Becoming Increasing Popular Among Cannabis Enthusiasts

And now you can see why.  This unique method can be more economical, more convenient, more discreet and more enjoyable overall.  The key to enjoying your wax experience is finding the right product from a trusted source and choosing your vaporizer device wisely.