A self tanner is a cosmetic product that is applied to the skin to give it the golden tone of the tan, which is attractive to many people. This is achieved because self-tanners contain the carbohydrate DHA, which generates a chemical reaction that produces the compounds that give the golden color to the skin.

Its use has been increasing over time, as people frequent more outings to the beach, or at least, not to visit any, want to give the impression of having spent an afternoon under the sun. In addition, it is very common to get a tan while lying on the sand.

As more and more people are using self-tanning, more manufacturers are emerging, providing products of different composition and with different effects. It is now possible to change the tanning shade depending on the type of self-tanner applied.

Types of self-tanners
There are different types of self-tanning products that are applied in different ways and contain different components.

The most common are self-tanners in lotion or gel because their effect is usually longer lasting, as the lotion is usually more penetrating and moisturizing. The only thing to take into account when using this type of self-tanning is that it should be applied with gloves, because having to expand it through the area applied could stay in the hands, resulting in these also tan.

There are also self-tanning foam, similar to shaving foam. Its advantage is that it dries quite quickly, but this makes its effect less durable. These must also be applied with the hands, so it is advisable to use gloves when applying them, as with lotions.

Another type of self-tanning very common are aerosols, because their application is very simple and fast, and does not require hands to be used to apply through the areas of the skin. Its effect is usually long-lasting and its drying is fast, but they can dry the skin a lot, and in many occasions they must be applied more than once to reach the desired tone.

MineTan, the ideal self-tanner
There are many brands of self tanners today, and each has its advantages and disadvantages, but among them is MineTan, which is currently the most used self tanner in Australia.

MineTan has all types of self-tanners and products for its application, in addition to its products provide any shade of tan, so MineTan ensures that the person reaches the skin tone you want.

They are carefully designed with the best standards and components, ensuring that the skin will not suffer with use and even keeping it in good condition, as it has nutrients that moisturize the skin and combat marks such as stretch marks. This makes the use of MineTan self-tanners not only safe, but also beneficial in many cases.

Best of all, they are affordable, while maintaining all the high quality features that the best self tanner could contain.