1. Start preparing early
    Early preparation will help you identify areas in which you have difficulties. This will enable you allocate more study time to the mastery of these areas. Most people spend at least three months studying for this exam. Therefore, early preparation will save you from unnecessary panic and last-minute cramming. Furthermore, seeking reliable online resources will help you to start early on your exam preparation. Sites likeĀ Exam GeniusĀ provide in-depth guides and exam prep comparisons to help you choose only the right study materials for you.

  2. Understand your learning style
    Every student is unique and approaches their coursework differently. Identify the learning style that best fits you and allows you to recall and understand concepts best.

  3. Create and commit to a study plan
    When you create a study plan, you set aside days and hours in which you will prepare for the exam. You also set specific goals. By creating a schedule, you will be more likely to cover content the content as planned. Structure is a must for most difficult things in life. The NCLEX is no exception.

  4. Take practice tests
    Take practice exams. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you will build your confidence as you familiarize yourself with more NCLEX style questions.

  5. Work with an NCLEX tutor
    Learning with an NCLEX tutor will allow you to interact with a nurse who has already taken and passed the NCLEX.

    Your NCLEX tutor will work with you to build upon your foundation of knowledge, considering your existing strengths and weakness. Your tutor can help you in tailor your study strategy to what best first your schedule and style.