Since their conception, hoverboards have become extremely popular, with kids and adults buying them everywhere all over the world. It is considered one of the popular gifts people buy for their loved ones. While they were an instant hit there have also been safety woes with some people saying that they explode because of the lithium-ion batteries and faulty power controls. However, some pristine brands have taken appropriate measures to ensure appropriate levels of these products.


Here’s how it works.

Basically, you step on the board think about going forward, and gradually shift your upper torso forward and suddenly the board underneath your feet begin to move forward seamlessly. It can hover forward, backward, and has a ZERO turning radius. If you do it right you will turn heads on a cool looking gadget quietly, the hoverboard can reach up to a jogging speed. That’s it, don’t expect to fly anytime soon!

Before you jump to buy a hover you should consider the following;

Price: Do not go for cheap hoverboards with prices that sound too good to be true. Cheap ones are prone to faulty batteries and can cause injuries while riding on them.

Wheel Size: most hoverboard wheel sizes range from 4.5 to 10 inches. Small wheels are recommended for people who want to ride on a level and smooth surfaces. Bigger wheels are better for riding on rougher surfaces.

Features: the best hoverboards are equipped with features such as GPS, Bluetooth speakers, and remote control. Obviously, these features will definitely bump up the price of the product, but if you want them, spending some extra cash may be worth it.

Where to buy: buying hoverboard from an unauthorized vendor is not a good idea and can lead to accidents. In order to have a safe and comfortable riding experience, it is advisable to buy a hoverboard from a genuine reputable supplier.


Legal Consideration: Before you buy one, it is important to know if it is legal to ride it in public or not. Ensure that where you ride has no legal ramifications

Despite the fact that hoverboards are fun to ride around, they can also be an accident waiting to happen if one does not implement the right precautions before buying them. Thus you should take into account the above-mentioned points to make an informed and safe purchase.

Also, due to the nature of their wheels, hoverboards cannot be used outdoors on rough terrain. But the technology is changing and there are bigger wheels and better suspension mechanisms that are being added to them to improve on safety and a better riding experience overall.


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