Amazon announced in October 2020 that it would be turning Audible into a Podcast App. Audible is an audiobook service owned by Amazon. It is perfect for those who love reading books but do not have enough time for that. So instead of spending hours reading, you can listen to one being read to you through Audible. The app is often referred to as ‘the books on tape’ and can be accessed on multiple devices like Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. Besides, Audible was launched back in 1995, meaning it now has 25 years in the industry. 

Audible is home to a variety of different kinds of books. Whether you are into romantic novels or fantasy, you are sure to find audios of great books related to almost anything you are interested in. And it is not just novels or stories but also guide-books. For instance, if you love gambling on such casino games as poker, slots, or roulette, you can easily find audible books for them. These contain tips on how to play and increase your odds of winning but in a responsible manner. So next time you are playing vulkan vegas cashback online, you can just slide in earphones and listen to the books read to you as you play.  

According to the company, the catalogue in the app is now inclusive of about 100,000 free podcasts. These are already accessible on other streaming platforms, including Pod Save America, Conan O’Brien needs a friend and This American life. Such shows are available in the app and shall appear soon on the landing page of the Audible podcast app. 

What’s more incredible is that you do not have to subscribe to gain access to the shows. This is a big move for Amazon, and it will allow it to compete with other podcasts from other competitors like Apple and Spotify, which are for now the biggest names in the industry.  

In addition, Audible launched another subscription called Audible Plus in August. This allows the listeners to access the original audio from Audible, but at a cheap price per month. Besides, no credits are applied when the user downloads ebooks, which are not available in Audible’s catalogue for free. The free available shows are certainly a good idea to expand its services among its users. It also makes it a cheaper place where the listeners’ podcasting needs are met at no price, well, except for the exclusive shows.

Even though Audible contains about 11,000 original audios, it still has a very long way to reach the heights of Apple and Spotify podcasts. Spotify encompasses not less than a million podcasts, while Apple has about 1.5 million podcasts. This is high as compared to the 11,000 of the Audible app. However, looking on the brighter side, the journey of Audible towards the top has just started, and most probably, it will grow as time goes on. Besides, perhaps more listeners will join the platform, thanks to the free podcasts provided.