Apple has seen better days. It’s been floundering for a few years, being overtaken by its biggest rival Samsung. Innovation has been the key ingredient missing in pretty much all of its products. It once wore the crown in this respect, no other brand came close to its incredible ingenuity and vision of what the future will look like. Perhaps Apple is one of the best examples of ‘paving the future, doesn’t mean you’ll own it forever’. How true this has been for Apple as review after review, point to a lackluster reception to its latest product models. However, it’s a new year and it’s a new dawn for everyone in the tech sector. Let’s see what Apple can bring to the market in 2020 as we’re already off to a shaky start. So is 2020 the year to get your hands on the latest iPhone model?


Air Tag

Tile has become quite popular recently and you shouldn’t be surprised. If you have ever wanted to put something on your keychain to stop you from losing your car and house keys, place a Tile on it and you never will. With Tile, you can locate your lost item with just a few swipes. It emits a low-energy Bluetooth signal, allowing you to connect to it and then use locational and geographical settings in your phone, to find the exact spot you dropped or left your item. Air Tag is something Apple is already developing and it looks like it’s set to be released this year. It’s a rival to Tile and will be exclusive for Apple customers as you guessed it, it will become part of the Apple ecosystem. 


iPhone 12

iPhone 11 was a great addition to the famous line up of Apple smartphones. However, it’s soon to be placed into the not-so-distant past as the iPhone 12 will enter onto the scene this year. Consequently, you can get fantastic deals for the iPhone 11. At £45.00 a month, you can have the iPhone 11 Pro Max in your pocket. There’s 0 upfront cost which is great if you want this model post haste. But iPhone 12 is looking to be not just another carbon copy of an already established product line. It will have 5G wireless chips, which means it’s a phone designed for the fast-paced promise of the next generation in internet speed and reliability. It’s also rumored to be getting a laser-powered time-of-flight rear camera that has the 3D capability. This will greatly improve depth, shapes, shadows, lighting and the fullness of objects in every photo you take. Fingers are crossed in the hopes that Apple will finally bin the LCD display and jump on the OLED bandwagon. It’s guaranteed to have a larger screen and a smoother edge design. 



This year, the world-renowned iMac will be 22 years old. It’s been one of the hallmarks of modern technology and in 2020, you can’t expect it to give away it’s a top spot. If rumors are correct, it will be given a much sleeker and curvier screen. It will tackle a problem that has plagued it for many years, the giant bezels. The large empty black spaces around the screen will be pushed out as far as they can go to give you a gigantic screen. A more seamless edge design has been rumored to be in the works, which many experts say will be a challenge but it’s clearly inevitable. The iMac is, however, not as prestigious in the minds of consumers, as it once was. Consumers are looking to buy laptops and tablets more and more. Having a large computer at home is great if you’re into gaming but for what purpose would you need such a device if you’re happy just browsing and doing work on a smaller, lighter and just as impressive laptop?



The iPad just got better. With a faster A12Z Bionic chip, it can multitask like never before. Whether you’re using your iPad to play games, use 3D modeling software or perhaps conference call, you won’t be feeling like you’re a bit short of speed. The 8-core GPU is set to impress, allowing for more micro-tasking and even better details. It has a 120Hz display, with a choice of either 11-inch or 12.9-inches. The ProMotion technology will freely adjust the Hz at will, giving you a smooth responsive experience but not drain the battery for when you’re doing menial tasks. 

Apple is set to up the ante this year and quite frankly, it’s been a long time coming. Hopefully, the leadership has finally woken up and realized the threat of being left behind is very real. OnePlus and other brands are quickly shortening the divide and Samsung is steamrolling ahead. This could be the year Apple makes a huge comeback.