Calling customer care for a small query and being put on hold for a long time can be endlessly annoying. You have to put all the other things on your To Do list aside to sort this issue out first.

Your queries may be ranging from a delay in providing the service you requested for or in the delivery of a product purchased by you. Having to pick up the phone and sort things out can be a hassle in the middle of busy work days. So, the live chat option is the easier alternative of having to explain your problem to customer care executives.


Live Chat Option to Your Rescue 

Various service providers and merchants have started using the live chat option to deal with queries of their customers. This is the easier way out for both customers to address their issues and for merchants to offer their solutions to them. The Holidays Extra Live Chat is a portal where your travel queries can be solved and such a portal in these uncertain times as the Covid-19 pandemic alters pretty much all social norms.

Some live chats may be available all day everyday whereas some might have specific timings for availability. It is a good idea to find out about the hours the live chat option remains active for when the   customer-merchant relationship is established. Doing so helps both parties to make the most of the service that is being exchanged. Breakdown of products, delays in providing maintenance services or deliveries, queries about the customer accounts, bill and payments and a host of other issues can be addressed in a live chat. The Monsoon Live Chat customer service is one such portal where you can reach out to have your queries answered.


How to Use the Live Chat Option? 

Live chat directories on the internet contain links to live chats of businesses from all over the country and you can access any live chat you might need through these directories. Once you reach the portal, you will find a few options which list common queries that people might be having with that particular product or service. These are easier to resolve so the steps to be taken to tackle these issues are generally listed upfront. But if you wish to ask something then you will be directed to the live chat box where you may talk about the issue you are facing and solve it with the chat executive but if it cannot be resolved then your issue may be forwarded to a customer service executive. Then you might get a call from them to talk about your issue. This step has to be taken only if the issue cannot be resolved over the live chat option at all. If the issue you are facing is pertaining to your personal account or experience then it is better to opt for the chat option.


To Conclude

Live chats are the easier and more hassle-free method of dealing with issues regarding products and services that you pay for. You do not have to be on your phone as the customer service executive puts you on hold to sort out your issue. You can just have the chat window open as you on your device as you carry on with your chores. What’s better? Most times, your issue will be sorted by the end of the chat. All it took was just a few clicks on your keyboard and the issue that has been bugging you is sorted. What’s not to like about the live chat option?