The market for weed is only growing throughout the United States. As the demand for weed increases, now is the time to purchase weed seeds and weed strains. People are buying Glo extracts, Lions breath carts, big chief extracts, Muha meds, and Stiiizy. Growers have a great opportunity to monetize their yield. If you are thinking of getting weed seeds and weed strains, this post is just for you. It takes a close look at the pros and cons of weed seeds and weed strains so that you can decide if you should get them or not.

Gone are the days when automatics were considered a novelty. It is difficult to tell the difference between a photoperiod plant and a modern automatic one nowadays. The latest hybrids promise to offer THC levels of at least 20 percent with generous yields. Many marijuana growers are interested in growing their own weed so that they don’t have to buy weed Online Paris. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of weed seeds and weed strains.


Pros of Weed Seeds and Weed Strains

  1. Does Not Require 12 Hours of Continuous Darkness to Bloom

Unlike most photoperiod cannabis plants which need a certain amount of darkness to grow, the weed seeds and weed strains do not need to be left in the dark for a long time to bloom. They will only continue to grow even if there is light for more than 12 hours every day. Now, you will not need to worry about light leaks ruining the growth of the plant. Getting auto-flowering cannabis plants is a better idea as they tend to be more forgiving. Once their genetic countdown reaches zero within two to three weeks after their germination, you should expect them to bud. Some of the recent varieties can be left in light all day long and would still produce flowers. However, it is best to provide them with at least 6 hours of darkness for them to bud. Besides, the weed seeds and weed strains can grow in different weather conditions.

    1. Bloom Quickly for Fast Harvests

If you are a true lover of weed, chances are that you will want to keep your supply full at all times. Whether you like to sell weed or keep it all for yourself, you would want to grow as much of it as possible. This is where weed seeds and weed strains come to the rescue. They bloom rapidly so that you can start harvesting early on. The plants grow very fast even in a short period of time. It results in small plants being produced. The photoperiod strains only need a few weeds to grow. They quickly show signs of reached sexual maturity. You should rest assured that the plants will bloom as scheduled based on their genetic programming. Keep in mind that they have a short lifespan which is the reason why rapid harvesting is necessary.

Weed strains are your best option when it comes to growing cannabis outdoors during the winter. It would allow people in the north of the country to grow cannabis on their own. Minimize the risk by opting for auto-flowering plants. Look for strains which are resistant to mould. The plant flowers very fast. You can even expect the plant to flower within 3 to 4 weeks. Thus, you will not need to wait around like you normally would with most photoperiod varieties.

  1. Plants Are Stealthy and Small

A great thing about weed seeds and weed strains is that they tend to be small and stealthy. You should bear in mind that the height of the plant will not exceed 120cm. Some of the plants can be as short as 30cm. This makes it possible to grow in spaces such as balconies, closets, or tents.

These plants can even be kept hidden behind grassy fields, brush piles, and bushes. Moreover, you would not need to provide much support to the plants as they will stay in place. There is also no need to worry about air filtration.

One of the best advantages of weed seeds and weed strains is their small size. Due to their cannabis heritage, the plants are much smaller and more compact as compared to the typical sativa and hybrids. The smaller size makes the plant a lot more suitable for growth in confined spaces as well. You could also grow the plant in the balcony or a closet. Besides, you will have an easier time looking after the plant as it would have a compact size. The plant would not exceed four feet in height and you can easily trim it.

  1. Flowering the Plant

Grow weed by planting weed seeds and weed strains to make efficient use of the space. The cannabis plant would grow in the same lighting schedule. Thus, you would achieve flowering easily. Mix the indoor grow and let the plants veg. The flowers will be ripe by the time you are ready to switch the lights from 18/6 to 12/12. Besides, even if you think that the plant is not ready, you should have no trouble changing the lighting schedule. It will not hurt the plant when there is less light. It would only trigger the buds to make more resin. Keep planting seeds to maximize the flowers in your space. Get three to four harvests within a short period of time. Smoke like a pro before and after the final fall harvest as you would have plenty of stash to keep you going.

  1. No Need for Change to the Light Cycle

The genetics of sativa and hybrids allows the cannabis seeds to survive in places where there is longer light cycle. The weed strains have desirable qualities like the ability to grow rapidly. The reason behind this is that it is native to Siberia. Thus, you will not need to worry about fewer or longer daylight hours. The plant is also designed to adapt to the environment which makes it an excellent option. You do not need to worry about the amount of hours that there is sunlight. It is this attribute which makes the weed strains the perfect option. Their genetic programming deals with environmental factors in the best way possible.  Thus, you can make the switch to weed seeds and weed strains without having to face any issues. Moreover, there is less maintenance required.

  1. More Resistant

Another great thing about weed seeds and weed strains is that they are more resistant. You will benefit from an easy growing experience. Since the plants offer fast adaptation, they are resistant to various adverse conditions. Unlike regular cannabis plants which succumb to pests and diseases, the seeds are designed to stand up to threats and thrive. The strains are just as resistant to mold, underfeeding, and overfeeding. This makes them the ideal choice for people who live in a part of the country where the climate changes quickly. It also makes the seeds a great option for those of you who do not have much time to spare for maintenance.

  1. Discretion

One of the major issues regarding cannabis growth is legalization. Not everyone supports the growth of cannabis in the country. It is a hot topic which is why it makes sense to maintain discretion. Even if you live in an area which has already legalized cannabis production, it is a good idea to practice discretion. When you plant weed seeds and weed strains, their compact size allows you to maintain privacy. You can leave the plants behind the bushes so that nobody can even notice it or ask you what you are growing. The rapid growth of the plants also makes them less likely to be noticed by visitors. Since everyone knows that regular cannabis plants take a long time to reach full maturity, you will not need to worry about the plants getting noticed. Most weed strains mature in a relatively short period of time. This makes it tough for people to recognize the plants.

  1. Less Space Required

As mentioned above, weed strains do not take up much space. This means that there would be less space required to grow the cannabis plant. Start your hobby as a weed grower by opting for weed seeds. You can grow a lot of them in limited space and benefit from limited space. As the plants tend to be small, you can easily grow them wherever you want.

  1. Have CBD

One of the major benefits of weed seeds and weed strains is that they contain the therapeutic benefits that are associated with CBD. The cannabis plant contains an abundance of cannabinoids. Thus, if you want to enjoy the medicinal benefits offered by cannabis, they are the way to go. Take advantage of this easy to grow plant to get your dose of CBD. Moreover, you do not need to worry about high THC content as the plan contains only a small percentage of THC.

  1. Suitable for Beginners

Finally, another pro of weed seeds is that they are suitable for beginners. Even if you have no prior experience with weed seeds or weed strains, you can easily embark on an exciting journey where you grow your own cannabis from the comfort of your home. As the cannabis plant requires minimal care, you can continue with your life as the plant will continue to grow on its own.


Cons of Weed Seeds and Weed Strains

  1. Lower Yields

A disadvantage of weed seeds and weed strains is that the cannabis plant would only grow to a certain height. Due to its smaller size, you should expect a lower yield. The content produced would offer a lower yield as the plant is unable to sustain dense and bigger buds. It can be an issue for commercial growers who make a living growing weed. However, home growers should not have any issues with a lower yield as it should still be enough for them and their friends.

  1. Lower THC Content

As mentioned above, weed seeds and weed strains lead to the growth of cannabis plant which consists of lower THC content. If you want to get high, you will find the weed to be unsuitable for you. A noticeable undesirable trait that you will have to deal with is less potency when it comes to THC content. A lower concentration of THC means that you will not be able to get as high as you would want.

This does not mean that there are seeds that provide a higher concentration of THC. You just have to look around and find a weed seeds provider that sells seeds which have a much higher THC concentration.

  1. Grower Errors

Since the cannabis plant would grow rapidly, you would need to monitor its growth carefully. Faster growth may cause bigger problems that you would need to address. Remember, the plant does not get enough time to fully recover. In the beginning, you have to train the plants. You can do this through low-stress training (LST) or super cropping. Both techniques are different and it is best to learn more about both of them to decide which one suit you best.

  1. Lack of Control

Agriculture has come a long way as a science. Although you can cultivate a wide range of crops, it can be difficult to understand everything about the different marijuana varieties in the market. This means that you would have less control over the growth and the overall lifecycle of the plant.

  1. Costs

Since more light is required by weed seeds and weed strains, you would need to switch on the light more often which would increase your electricity bill. However, the plants require fewer nutrients which help even out the costs.



Once you have gone over this post, you will know about all the pros and cons of weed seeds and weed strains. Make sure to read each point to make the right decision. Choose weed seeds from a reliable company for the best results.