An immigrant’s journey to the pinnacle of global payments

San Francisco, California Feb 15, 2021 – Iranian-born Alan Safahi is a start-up founder, advisor, and entrepreneur who has emerged as a technology mogul in the United States and Canada. He is the founder of the ZED Network, an innovative platform that provides clients with access to the most comprehensive cross border payment networks with the highest FX rates.  

Safahi has successfully launched 6 startups over a span of 30+ years. He was previously founder of ZipZap, a P2P online remittance company, helping unbanked or underbanked people successfully engage in e-commerce. 

Using ZipZap, customers were able to take a computer-generated voucher with a barcode that resembled a utility bill that they could take to Walmart, CVS, or any other establishment that facilitates the covering of bills and make payments. ZipZap was one of the platforms that made the purchase of Bitcoin possible in its early days as it could not be purchased with credit cards. 

Alan Safahi is committed to making remittances more affordable and smoother. He is also a firm believer in the viability of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies as well as the blockchain technology. 

Safahi believes that remittance is possibly the best use of cryptocurrencies.  However, Safahi’s latest venture, ZED Network, a payment orchestration platform focused on cross-border payment acceptance and payouts in more than 200 countries, utilizes traditional banking and card payment rails not cryptocurrencies because, as Safahi explains, cryptocurrencies still need to evolve and better address compliance and risks associated with payments, before they can replace traditional payment rails.. 

The company’s payment partners are typically institutions such as banks, licensed Money Transfer Operators (MTOs), payment processors, and Foreign Exchange Processors with FX rates that are highly competitive, resulting in customer benefits.

Safahi has over 3 decades of hands-on experience in areas such as information technology, telecommunications, financial services (FinTech), payment processing, foreign exchange and cross border remittances. 

He has served as an advisor to several startup CEOs in the blockchain, payments, loyalty, and transportation industries such as Ripple, Bold Financial Technologies (acquired by Airbnb), Zuum Transportation and Loyyal

To learn more about Alan Safahi, you may find him on LinkedIn. You may also visit ZED Network for more information on this innovative platform.

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