Over the past decade, technology has improved at a ridiculous rate in which now we are seeing devices on the market available to consumers that we didn’t believe would ever be possible. One of the industries that has certainly been affected has been the photography industry as we are now all so reliant on our smartphones and the camera performance is so impressive that it poses the question; is there any point in buying a camera anymore?

One of the questions that you have to ask yourself before purchasing a DSLR camera would be what do you plan on using this camera after purchasing it? What do you plan on using these photos for; is it to get developed/printed and hang in picture frames or even sell. Or is it to show friends and/or family the moment that you captured through social media. This question is the ultimate reason on which way you will sway when you are thinking about buying a camera in the future.

Another industry that has been able to benefit from this rapid rise in technology shown in recent times is the online casino world, just look at these for example. These sites are now showing a high-quality user-interface in which has certainly developed the casino experience for punters and they also guarantee that your gambling games will never be interrupted by the gamstop scheme.

Although a smartphone will capture a pretty decent image in 2021 due to their good lighting skills and static image sorcery, a DSLR camera will still continue to capture better quality images.  But are these images noticeable to the everyday person and is it worth the hassle or carrying round such a huge and expensive bit of kit when you can have it all rolled into one smartphone. The images we are now seeing come out of smartphones and iPhones especially are immaculate and something that was unimaginable just ten years ago.

To conclude, it all comes down to personal preference whether purchasing a DSLR camera is worth it as yes the quality is certainly better when it comes to a Canon or a Nixon but is it worth the hassle with having to transfer the photos from your camera, to your computer, and then to your phone just to be able to send to your friends or post on social media, when you can just take the photo on your iPhone and share within seconds – it all comes down to personal preference and what works well for you.