Action photography is the capturing of a photo object/subject in an active state to be displayed in multiple succession of how the action takes place in an image. It could involve manual, semiautomatic or automatic capturing of objects in motion.

Due to unpredictability, and fast movement of subjects, action photography can be a tasking style of photography as it requires special skills to succeed in making exciting, and memorable action photographs. To get the best of action photographs, an action photographer must always ensure to keep some tips in mind:


Making arrangements: In action photography, you plan with the subjects to be semi-aware that there is a camera focusing on their actions, this will enable them to be well comported so the best of their moments are captured. a


If you intend on capturing an animal, you must decide on where to set up in a bid to avoid distracting the animal. This also applies to humans but mildly. Notice how the photos you take without the subject’s knowledge almost always tends to appear better.

Stay focused: With two eyes opened, you must keep track of the movement of your subject, especially when dealing with action photography with regards animals. The million-dollar shot usually happens in the blink of an eye. Hence, you must be ready to shoot at all times.


Some other tips of action photography;

  • Focus on the faces to get facial expressions and no verbal cues.
  • Give details through storytelling.
  • Blur the background to avoid distractions.
  • Freeze the movements to obtain proper capturing by maintaining focus on the subject.
  • Identify the file format to use in storing the images; JPEG or RAW, determine the most suitable for your memory storage and your applications.


Taking an unaware or semi-aware photograph requires diligence, and the utmost concentration of the photographer to capture moments capable of telling the best stories.

While action photography remains one of the most difficult types of photography, it remains one of the most exhilarating both for the photographer and the viewers.

Here are a few exceptional action photographs from the renowned action photographer from Switzerland Martin Bissig. He is one of Switzerland’s most renowned outdoor photographers.