Appealing of Over Stay Fines in UAE

Visa cost in UAE

There are different fee structures for different visa types in UAE which keeps on changing. For filing the application of visa, the visa applicant must first pay the processing fee as per the category of the visa he is applying for.

Visa application fees list has also been published by the Ministry of Interior which includes all types of fees for different entry and residency visas. It is to be noted here that the fees in each emirate of UAE are slightly different from the other.


Visa processing

It takes 2 to 3 days for the visa processing as per the visa type. For taking the services on an urgent basis, an additional fee of AED 100 is to be paid. Online visa services are also an option for those who wish to file for the visa online. Time will be dependent upon the type of the visa you have applied for. Have a Labour Ban? Here’s How to Lift It


Overstaying fines in UAE

If anyone overstays his or her visa, he or she will have to pay heavy fines. Overstaying your visa can bring you to a lot of problems. So, it would be better if you know the consequences of overstaying beforehand and avoid it.


Tourist visa holders

If a tourist wants, he can have an additional grace period of 10 days to stay in UAE. but if the tourist overstays in UAE, he may get fined worth AED 200 for the first day. On overstay, a tourist will be fined AED 200 but with every passing day, a tourist will be fined AED 100 for every passing day. The fine will be paid in addition to the service fees of AED 100 at the immigration office while exiting UAE.


In UAE, tourists get the grace period of 30 days after their visa gets expired. This grace period is allotted to amend the status or getting another residence visa or leave the country.

Note that during the grace period, no fine is imposed.


In UAE, after the grace period is over, the person will be fined with AED 125 for the first day but after that, AED 25 will be imposed for every passing day.

  • Six months overstay- AED 50 will be fined per day
  • 1 year overstay- AED 100 will be fined per day.

At Dubai court labour dispute may be harmful to the people. So, they should avoid them or take the help of qualified labour lawyers in Dubai in order to handle the disputes properly. Also, for labour ban removal and for Dubai immigration blacklist removal, rush to the lawyers in UAE. they would guide you whether your name is in the blacklist or not. also, they may help you with how to remove your name from the blacklist. They may also devise better plans for your stay in the UAE.

make sure you are familiar with the different laws of the country you are visiting or are going to visit. It may save you from a number of problems for sure.