Many of you are wondering how you can organize your learning of Spanish. Organization is a key element when you start a language. It can help you not to pick up and speak a Spanish day. Here are some teacher tips to organize you to learn Spanish.

1- Work your Spanish regularly

I advise to work spanish regularly, several times a week, every day if it is possible. But do not work especially just once a week (Saturday morning from 8h to 12h, for example) and do not touch the rest of the time. It’s completely counterproductive. Getting organized to work Spanish every day regularly is very important to gain efficiency and not lose motivation.


If you’re planning to go on a trip, you can Learn Spanish Buenos Aires or simply go tour around South America. It’s a great destination for practising and learn from local Spanish culture!

2- Establish a routine

The routine is not very glamorous but it will allow you to hold over time. From watching a movie to picking a few Spanish singers, all options are good for practising phonetics and improving vocabulary.

3- What is the routine?

The routine consists in repeating a series of actions and, as the rehearsals proceed, we no longer realize that we are doing these actions. It is very important to introduce a routine that is identical to each course. In the end, you will do things by automatism. You will thus gain in efficiency and you will not be able to win over time.

4- Find your personalized strategy and set the routine

Specifically, I advise each of you to diversify your way of learning Spanish. The different ways are detailed in my Spanish Objective ebook. There are different methods to learn Spanish (private lessons, only, phone applications in Spanish). You must choose your methods and the resulting routine according to your lifestyle and availability.

An ideal routine of Spanish lessons

First, a good Spanish course should start by revising / rereading the previous course. One must not go blindly without being aware of the course before. Put, step by step, its bases. Go up the stairs one after the other. Read again what you did before.

The grammar point

Then you have to do some grammar. Sorry, it’s not glamorous either, but it’s important to stop on the grammar points. Be careful that your classes work in a personalized way. Make your own Spanish grammar from hand-made custom sheets, with examples. These are your own records that you can review daily.


Grammar is the key since you’re a beginner and when you’re an advanced student too. The main point of having a good grammar is to grow strong in understanding written and spoken Spanish, as well as being able to express yourself appropriately.


Make sure your classes include at least one syntax session and pay attention to sentence structure, since Spanish can be quite tricky for English speakers in this sense.

The vocabulary moment

Do not forget the vocabulary moment too. Vocabulary can be learnt in two ways: by context ot by repetition. Learning words in context turns out to be much more efficient than repetition, but sometimes both techniques need to merge for a great result.


You just need to take a little time to practise a semantic universe of words and keep exercising them with writings and keeping them in use. Probably not all words will stick in your mind, but increasing the amount of words you can use will make your expressions more complete and clear.

The authentic documents

Take a trailer, a newspaper article, a Spanish board, a Latin American poster depending on your level. But it is important to have contact with the Spanish language through authentic documents.


Travelling is a great option too: Spain or Latin America, there’s a huge amount of places to exercise your Spanish language. Learn Spanish Buenos Aires can be a great choice if you’re preferences match an european-look city with a never ending night life during weekends… and during the week too.

Essential advice: fun!

The last minutes of the Spanish moment: have fun! Do fun things: songs, dance with Spanish music, play, watch movies! If you finish your class with fun, you’ll want to come back!