The world of Toronto SEO marketing requires a near-constant focus on keeping up-to-date with new and emerging strategies. Whether it is proper HTML tagging, keyword density or just good old-fashioned strategy research, there is always something pressing that needs to be done.

It’s really a full-time job to make the most out of every opportunity. Luckily, there are some methods that just continue to work regardless of the circumstances. Techniques for SEO that are so effective they have to be kept a secret, lest they get out and become common knowledge. Luckily, that is our exact focus today.

We are diving into eight separate and distinct techniques that are so underground; you’ll be surprised you haven’t heard about them yet. Let’s not waste any more time as we get into these fine offerings.


Optimize Your HTML Tags

Optimizing your HTML tags is a surefire way to impress the Google crawl bots and keep your website in their good books. Separating H1s from H2s, bolding keywords and varying your content can all pay dividends in the long-term for your SEO strategy. As part of this optimization, you’ll want to be location specific to achieve the best results. For example, if you were doing law firm local SEO, you should be sure to include your target city location in your H1s and H2s, as well as throughout the text.

Create Diverse Backlinks

Creating diverse backlinks isn’t just about changing directory listings and updating your Google My Business profile. Leverage social networks like Reddit and Facebook to build a larger portfolio, and try to expand to international markets where you can.

Take Advantage of Major Websites

Certain players in the web’s space have a lion’s share of the traffic. This isn’t a problem, but a solution in disguise. The more you focus on showcasing your website on popular video-sharing sites like TikTok and YouTube, the more potential traffic there is for you to direct back to your site.

Incorporate Mobile Design

More and more people are turning away from their computers and laptops in favour of their mobile devices. Our cellphones have become powerful computers in their own right, and search traffic is increasingly coming from these sources. So, view your websites and landing pages on your phone and see if you like the experience, or if there are ways you could improve it for your users.

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Use Free Tools

With the advent of the internet, the old adage “nothing in life is free” is a little less true. Sure, you might be trading valuable user data to use these free programs, but there are many effective options to help boost your SEO actions. Try out sites like Grammarly for quality content and Google Search Console for trend data.

Keep Your Content Fresh

This is the number one rule in SEO, but most people think it means uniqueness only. Just putting out new sequences of words is alright and can help your efforts, but don’t be afraid to go back to previous content and change it up. This can also help showcase your ability to keep content fresh and exciting.

Focus on Quality

If you check out any of the literature available from Google, you will see a prevailing theme. They are looking to promote high-quality content that gives something tangible to the user, whether it is information, products or services. The days of churning out low-effort content are quickly piling up in the rearview mirror.

Pay Attention to Images

Using images in your blogs is a great design technique for distributing content and providing additional information. Changing the alt-text of these images and making sure they are unique can actually play a substantial role in helping your SEO marketing efforts shine forth brightly and positively.


Now that you know these trade secrets, all that is left is for you to get out there and try them yourself!