Traditional Christmas movies are just so boring. The same moral tales, Santa saving the day, kids learning their lessons etc. We’ve seen it all before. It can be quite dull, repetitive and, well, as we said, boring.

So let’s spook it up this year! With assistance from our leading Halloween Store, we have 7 of the scariest, freakiest horror Christmas movies available to rent or buy this year.


Christmas Evil (1980)

Following on from the success of slasher films like Halloween and Friday the 13th, Lewis Jackson crafted this smart, slick movie about a Christmas-obsessed young man who snaps. He becomes so obsessed with Santa that he takes to spying on kids, noting down good and bad moments (classic Santa trait). Least to say his co-workers and neighbours aren’t impressed, so the slashing commences.


Jack Frost (1997)

No, no, this isn’t the beloved Christmas cartoon. This tale focuses on Jack Frost – a serial killer who gets hit with a truck filled with “genetic materials”, turning him into Jack Frost, the killer snowman. He uses his nose as a killing tool and a sexual assault weapon, plaguing the town of Snowmonton. Yep, it’s a classic, alright.

Movie night. Terrified young woman sitting on the sofa with her dog watching horror movies at home at christmas night

Black Christmas (1974)

You know young teenagers and college hoons are going to make this list at some point. And they do with this slasher film in which a terrifying presence stalks a group of sorority girls during their Xmas break. There was a 2019 remake, but it pales in comparison with this seventies original.


Krampus (2015)

With ridiculous demons, mythical tales, and darkly funny moments, Krampus is the story of a Grinch-like creature that devours children on the naughty list. Based on a German tale, this hairy, horned and cloven-hooved creature stuffs bad kids into his sack before eating them later on. It’s the perfect tale to ensure your kids behave this Christmas.


Better Watch Out (2016)

Hitting a rating of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes (meaning it is certified fresh, and therefore, excellent viewing), this Home-Alone thriller does the trick. Babysitter Ashley has to protect her 12-year charge against a bunch of intruders. Or so we think. Expect twists and turns, and what happens if Home Alone actually took a turn into the darker side of things.


Wind Chill (2007)

Back before she was saving the world (Edge of Tomorrow), protecting her children (A Quiet Place) or being just a badass person, Emily Blunt starred in this Christmas horror tale about a college student and classmate who become stranded on the road on a remote part of the world. Violence, terror and horror come in full swing in this surprisingly touching piece of a thriller. It makes you reconsider whether or not you should be pulling over any time soon.


Anna and the Apocalypse (2017)

Not all Christmas horror films have to be ghastly and violent. You can also add a bit of sweetness to it with this upbeat gem. This feel-good, musical romance follows a group of friends in a small Scottish town ready to enjoy the Xmas break before a zombie apocalypse starts up. With cues from Buffy, this inventive thriller mixes zombie snowmen and upbeat tunes alongside teen troubles, romances, and of course, heartbreaks. A must-watch.