A woman’s body changes constantly; thus, it is crucial to pay good attention to what her body needs in order to adapt as quickly and when needed. About 70% of women wear wrong-sized bras. Putting on a bra that has a bad fit can make a woman physically ill. Neck pain and headache can result from wearing the wrong size. Breasts do not have muscles, so if they are not supported properly; the weight is likely to pull down, that may cause strain to the facial tissue and the throat. Helpful online resources such as The Better Fit are focused on helping women find bras that properly fit their specific body types to help reduce the typical pain that bras can cause. Ample support is required to support the muscles that surround the body for creating the right blood circulation and good posture.

Along with health issues, wearing a bra that is badly fitted can actually alter the look of a woman as a whole. It will make the bust appear strange and bulky, thereby affecting their posture. Wearing a bra that is supportive and well fitted will make a woman appear slimmer and also allow the apparel to feel and look better on her and above all, improve their energy levels and breathing. Often women wear bras having small cup size and huge band size. Here the breast will be supported via the shoulder straps that cause a lot of pressure on the shoulder. The right fitted bra will offer support from underneath, which means no pressure put on the shoulder. To know more about right fitting bras, feel free to visit BabeAppeal.

Bra Fitting- What Does it Include?

Getting a bra that is measured professionally is a simple and quick process. The fitting expert will measure a woman’s rib cage using a tape measure and suggest some varieties to try on till she gets the right fit.


Significance of Professional Measurement

The fitting of the bra is all about availing the best shape for the body type. Experts will help a woman in getting her true bra size. The truth is there is no standard size for bras which means a woman needs to try every size prior to making the purchase.


Why Choosing the Right Bra Matters?

Wearing a bra that has a good fit will help a woman’s posture, thereby giving her confidence in her outwear, making her appear slimmer and also discovering her waist again. In case of any special occasion, a woman can bring her outfit to a bra fit expert, and she can fit it with the customer’s outfit.


When to Get Measured?

It is highly recommended in visiting a bra fitting 1-2 times a year, as a woman’s size is likely to change resting on her age and weight gain or loss.


How Do You Know you are Wearing a Wrong Size Bra?

Often times, women will feel uncomfortable as the band of the bra may be too big, or it may not support the breast fully. Choosing a bra with the right band is of utmost importance, which means it should have enough space for getting two fingers underneath. A smart way of checking whether the bra has the right fit is by lifting the arms up, twisting the body, and the bra must stay in place perfectly.


Bra Size and Some Common Misconceptions

A common problem that women tend in having is getting the band size wrong and wearing a small cup size. These are some pointers that women should consider while looking for the right bra,

  • Center front- This should sit flat completely against the sternum
  • Under band- This must be parallel with the floor as well as secure enough to allow two fingers in fitting under the elastic.
  • Side wire- This must be flat from the ribcage and not dig into breast tissues.
  • Straps- These must be adjusted for allowing two fingers in fitting tightly under every strap as this will provide the accurate pressure on the shoulder.
  • Cup capacity- The breasts must sit into the cup fully devoid of any spillage.
  • Be open-minded- Women should try new sizes and types.
  • Know the body type- Getting a bra that suits one is equally crucial as wearing the correct size.
  • Know the bra type- A woman should keep in mind the type of bra she needs- sports bra, strapless, daily wear, or for special moments.

Apart from the aforementioned misconceptions, another very common misconception that women make is that they feel the same measurement applies to all types of bras. But the truth is, every bra style and bra manufacturer have different variations which means the size and fit are likely to vary from company to company.


What is the Right Size for Sports Bras?

Sports bras generally compress the breast against the chest via squashing the bust for holding the same in place. The right sports bra will offer under-bust support akin to other good quality supportive bras. It will aid in protecting the breast tissue while taking part in physical activities. The sports bra must be supportive and comfortable and decrease the breast movement. Besides, it is crucial in selecting a bra which best suits any activity’s impact level. The support levels are of three types- maximum in case of high impact sports (horse riding or performance running), high in case of racquet sports, and medium in case of Pilates or yoga.


Fit for a Mastectomy Bra

In the case of post-surgery bras, the fitting will take longer, because the scar tissue requires being taken into consideration with comfort being the topmost priority. Each woman is different; thus, every operation will vary. So take your own time in getting advice to perfectly cater to your personal needs.

The bottom line is, wearing a bra of the correct size is truly a highly beneficial practice. Feeling and looking good are two sides of the same coin, and it is vital that women invest in themselves in order to perform at their best and live life fully. So ensure to wear good quality, well-fitting bras for that ultimate comfort. For more information, consult a professional bra fitting expert near you. Good luck and get going.