Different social media platforms have provided marketers with an unrivaled audience reach. So, there is a great opportunity for marketing and brand awareness in this field. However, the thing is that not any marketer can succeed in social media marketing. You need to be skillful enough to out-compete your rivals and draw the attention of customers to your product or service.

The most critical factor regarding a successful digital marketing strategy is probably content generation. Along with the significance of literacy on social networking, your command in different aspects of content creation is of paramount importance. Moreover, when you create a piece of content, you should try to get it shared as much as possible. In other words, contents will not be shared by chance, and you need to take care of your posts to get distributed across social media.

If you have posted a piece of content without any considerable feedback, you should not be disappointed. In this article, we are going to discuss several simple tricks you can take advantage of in your content marketing to get more “share”.


New subject

Probably, there is not anything more important than being new. You must have noticed that people always love to share new subjects to be known as a valid source and get others’ attention. You can easily make the most of this personality trait in order to get your content shared. You should always be looking for new ideas that are sought after in your target niche. For more information on how to choose the right niche, you can check here.

Although it is not always easy, you can get the attention of your target audience by predicting future trends and reasonable prospects. You can fix your place as a reliable source of information by making a sensible prediction in your niche. These new predictions can encourage other active marketers in the field to share your content.

Also, you can make your content seemed new in the eyes of people just by using good headlines. The post headline is very important for search engines. You should use trendy keywords in your headlines to make your content be appeared in the search results as much as possible. You should always update your keywords in order to compel people to open your page.



As a rule of thumb, the simpler a piece of content is, the more people will use it. However, the tone of your content must be adjusted according to your audience. But generally, you need to write as simple as possible to get the attention of the largest possible group of users.

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Remember that the chance of your content being shared by common people is far higher than that of specialists. Of course, we do not reject the fact that the latter is much more influential if it is accessible.

On the other hand, people usually do not have much time to spend on long and tedious content, especially in their free time. So, try to make your content useful, valid, and without any superfluous materials. Do not waste people’s time, otherwise, they will not keep following your content.



It is well-established that the majority of people usually do not spend time on texts as opposed to different visual contents. So, the more visual items you use in your content, the better your message will be observed by people.

Also, sharing different visual contents like pictures and videos is as easy as texts. For example, many social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube are based on sharing pictures or videos rather than solid texts.

Another important matter regarding this matter is creativity. Remember that the quality of your content is more important than the number of your posts. So, if you want to optimize your content to get more shares, you should use colorful pictures, interesting pols, brand-new info-graphics, unbranded videos, etc.

To be more influential, we offer that you have a little bit of study on the different aspects of the left and right sides of the human brain. As you may know, they are respectively responsible for logical and emotional decisions. So, you can take advantage of these aspects in your visual content to affect efficiently the mind of your audience.

Last but not least, you should try to post evergreen content. In other words, your content must be time-independent so that it can be shared any time in the future. By this approach, you can guarantee your posts to be shared in the future. Of course, any subject will be finally outdated one day.


Exchange shares

One of the most influential and also the simplest ways to get more shares is to share other people’s or businesses’ posts to get a share in return. By this straightforward method, you can provide each other with promotion, visibility, and subsequently more sales.

Many people want to be viewed by others and you can take advantage of this trait to boost your business. If you follow back someone or share their post, they will highly likely do it for you in return. When you positively mention them or tag them, the possibility of getting more shares will increase. Also, businesses want to show their followers that they are getting attention in different ways. So, they will publish the post in which they are mentioned, which will benefit you.

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Influencer marketing

One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness on social media is through influencer marketing. People always tend to agree with the opinions of influencers and famous people. So, you can take advantage of this factor to get people to share your content.

When an influencer gets involved in your content, people will pay attention to the content and the number of shares will skyrocket. If you do not have a considerable marketing budget, you can start by the influencers with 10,000-50,000 followers in your niche. You can use tools like BuzzSumo to find niche relevant influencers. Be careful in your choice because based on Social Tradia, many influencers on Instagram cannot keep engaging well with their audience and want to sell their Instagram account at low price.


Final word

Getting more shares for posts is not as difficult as you thought. You just should consider the reasons people might share the content. So, you can provide them with those reasons and wait for the results.