Intelligence used to be defined as something that only living creatures could possess. No more, as now also machines can be described as intelligent. They also are equipped with the ability to make decisions, reason and learn. But what are the differences between a smart human and a smart computer? Let’s find out.


Artificial Intelligence consists of the ability to analyze the environment and then produce actions that maximize success. To develop AI, scientists used knowledge from many fields, including philosophy, computer science and control theory, among others.

Human Intelligence, on the other hand, is the quality of the mind that is made up of capabilities to learn from past, present and future by definition. It is also the ability to change a person’s own environment using the gained knowledge. Human intelligence also has nine different types. They are: spatial, intrapersonal, interpersonal, naturalist, bodily-kinesthetic, logical, musical, linguistic and existential knowledge.


However, it feels like AI has an advantage over human intelligence. It is a truthful statement when it comes to speed of execution, less biased, operational ability and accuracy. So the question is, is AI superior? It is not. The human brain, as a processor, can process up to 1 000 000 trillion operations per second, when AI only 93 000 trillion. Human Intelligence is more energy-efficient and requires less storage. Yes, the AI is going to change our lives pretty soon, but for now, it is designed to aid Human Intelligence, not to replace it.

Even though humans are still in front of the machines in the Earth’s hierarchy, you should always follow the latest trends in technology. Look for ways to expand your intelligence and make you smarter than traditional learning ever will. Equip yourself with the most current technology from online sites like Inside Tech, and wait for a revolution ready for what is coming.