Non-functional mobile app testing is done to verify the non-functional requirements like the performance and the utility of the apps. This will help in analyzing the behavior of the system and to verify if it is as per the requirements or not. This will help in covering all the other aspects which were not covered in the functional testing. People nowadays give a lot of attention to such things to check if things are going the right way or not. People usually focus more on the functional testing part, but this is also a great thing to be considered and has a lot of relevance. Sometimes there can be issues in the performance part, and here is the step in which the non-functional testing comes and plays its role.

These are not related to the functionality of the app but can have some or the other kinds of adverse effects on the users. So there must be both kinds of testing in order to avoid the bad experiences to the customers. This testing is not considered much crucial as people believe that this is not linked with the functionality, so these are not a part of the whole system. But in real sense, it is not so. This type of testing is also equally important. These things are now considered as they have a direct impact on the performance and the security-related things of the apps.

The impact if this testing is very much felt when there is huge traffic of people on the site. This will help in ensuring the application is stable, and there are no implementation issues with them.

This will only lay focus on the non-functional aspects of the application. The following are some of the things which affect on non-functional testing. They have been mentioned as follows:

  • How is the app performing under normal conditions?
  • How it behaves in a large amount of traffic?
  • Is there any kind of stress handling?
  • The amount of security of the application?
  • Can the app recover from the disasters if there are any?
  • What is the impact of change in the environment on the app?
  • The process of porting to other systems how affects the whole process?
  • Are the manuals and documents easy to understand for the users?


All of the features are equally important, and the list is not this much only; it is quite comprehensive, and in this manner, there are many things that are to be considered here in this scenario.

The main purpose of this testing is that the app works well in the non-functional aspects, and there are no issues with the implementation of the things. There is no problem in the practical part of the app.

The aim is to cover all the features of this app, and there are no problems to the end-users who will be using this app. This is considered to be important testing, and the pcloudy offers such services very well, which helps in satisfying the customers.