Xennials were born between 1977 and 1983 and can be described as a micro-generation caught in the cross fire of generations. They’re different to the generations before and after them, namely Generation X and Millennials, partly because of the huge shift in technology that happened at a formative stage in their lives. The term Xennial recognises that this particular age group do not fit neatly into either generation and hold something of a unique place in our history due to their first-hand experience of the technological revolution.


We’re talking ‘bout a revolution

Xennials were born into the analogue world, with cassette tapes, floppy disks, and no internet. Then, starting during their adolescence and accelerating as they reached their twenty’s, this generation became the first to adopt transformative technologies that have become ubiquitous today.


Why Xennials make great marketers

Xennials working in the marketing profession perhaps hold a unique advantage in that they easily traverse between the worlds of Generation X and Millennials. They recognise the power of digital technologies such as social media, yet they are wary of being totally absorbed in digital communications and missing out on the broader picture. They understand the value and quality of communication in personal interaction as much as the efficiency and convenience of digital interaction.


Xennials bridge the gap

You could say that Xennials like using digital tools to their full advantage, but would never want to be owned by them. These qualities make Xennials more relatable to older generations such as Generation X and the Baby Boomers, who have well documented challenges in bridging the understanding gap between themselves and their Millennial employees. A millennial will send an email, whereas a Xennial will get up and walk across the room to speak with you.


The Xennial Marketing Consultant

For small to medium sized businesses who don’t have their own in-house marketing team, consider employing the services of a Xennial Marketing Consultant to support you with the marketing function of your business. As this Auckland Marketing Consultant shows, a Xennial’s ability to combine proven marketing strategies with modern communications could help you grow your business and reach your goals.


A quality Marketing Consultant will remove confusion and provide clarity, charting a course forward on all areas of the marketing mix, such as product development, channel distribution, pricing and promotion. They’ll be aware of all of the latest media and advertising platforms, with a thorough understanding of online marketing techniques and understand how to leverage these to reach your target audience.


Online Marketing

While Xennial marketers will know how to utilise traditional advertising tools like print, television and radio, they’ll be just as proficient at Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook and SEO. Moreover, they’ll blend the use of these technologies with the sound marketing strategy they learned when studying their discipline, before every-man-and-his-dog marketing courses on Facebook were even a thing. With a Xennial marketer, you’ll be able to trust that they’re using online marketing tools for the right reasons, not because it’s the shiny new toy.


Now go and find your Xennial marketer

If you’re a business in New Zealand you’re lucky as you already have a Xennial Auckland Marketing Consultant available! If you live elsewhere, you may need to break a few rules and kindly ask the next marketer you hire, “so what year were you born?”