When it comes to Building Services in the steel industry, there are several options Steel construction is also known as steel fabrication. As more and more people choose to live in modern cities, the demand for metal structure buildings has skyrocketed. There are many reasons why people prefer to live in such buildings. They tend to be durable and can easily withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes. If you are new to the world of steel building construction and want to know about the different types of constructions, the following options are available.

  1. Conventional Steel Fabrication

For those of you that do not know what conventional steel fabrication is, it is where teams of steel fabricators cut out steel members while ensuring that they are correct in length. Then, they weld them together to create the final structure. The structure can either be made at the construction site in entirely or partially in the workshop. It tends to be more labour-intensive. However, if it is made at the workshop, it helps reduce the time needed to construct the structure and offers better working conditions to the workers.

  1. Bolted Steel Construction

Another type of steel building construction that you need to know about is bolted steel construction. It occurs where the steel fabricators create painted and finished steel components that are later shipped to the site. Then, they are bolted in place at the desired location. Bolted steel construction is the preferred method of construction as it allows most of the fabrication to be done at the workshop suing the right lighting and machinery and under the right working conditions. The size of the trailer or truck influences the size of the components that are shipped.

Generally, the components have a maximum length of 20ft or 6 meters for normal trucks. However, if a long trailer is being used, the maximum length would be around 40 ft or 12 meters. The work at the site tends to be incredibly fast since the majority of the work is already done at the workshop. The work that is only done at the site includes lifting of the steel members and bolting them. An example of bolted steel construction includes pre-engineered buildings that are designed, fabricated, and erected by a single company.

  1. Light Gauge Steel Construction

Finally, light gauge steel construction is also popular. It is a type of construction which is common across some part of Europe and North America. The construction is quite similar to wood framed construction. It is only the light gauge steel members which are used rather than wood. Thin sheets of steel that are around 1 to 3mm are bent into shape to create Z or C sections.

What Is The Weight of Steel Frame Structures?

If you think of a single storey building that measures 5 x 8 meters, it would easily weight around 32 tons or 32,000 kg. To determine the weight, one has to consider the beams, the columns at the corners, and the columns in between.