Brain injury cases come under personal injury laws. But these are quite different from physical injuries like broken bones and deep cuts because of its complexities that are quite difficult to prove. Brain injuries can have serious effects on people’s lives, and it is not unusual to spend the rest of their life with a permanent disability. The cost of treatment for brain injuries is also very high and can continue for years, depending on the nature of the injury. Take the case of champion Formula 1driver Michael Schumacher who is still struggling to recover from the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) suffered in a ski accident in December 2013. Just imagine the kind of expenses that one must bear with in the treatment of severe TBI that can be at least $85,000 and can even cross $3 million.

From where will the money come?

To meet the enormous expenses of treatment with nocertainty about recovery, brain injury victims must file a case seeking compensation for damages within the ambit of personal injury laws. They face a grim battle on the medical and personal front. Only an experienced brain injury attorney LA can bring some hope by pursuing the case for compensation aggressively. The onus is on the victim or plaintiff to establish a direct causal link between the injury and the accident. They have to demonstrate the adverse effects of injuries on his or her personal life and the way it affects the family.

What are the chances of success?

No one can predict the outcome of legal cases. Brain injury cases being very complex involve medical experts, witnesses and testimonies – things can be quite challenging to drive the case towards a favourable outcome. However, an experienced lawyer who practices brain injury cases only and with a proven track record in handling similar cases can improve the chances of success greatly.

Choosing the lawyer

Choosing a lawyer to fight brain injury cases needs some careful consideration. A lot depends on selecting the right lawyer who can make a world of difference in settling the case in favour of the plaintiff. In addition to knowledge and education, experience matters a lot because it demonstrates the expertise of lawyers.  You must ensure that the lawyer is specialized in the subject that specifically concerns you. For example, if you suffer from concussion after the accident, you must choose a lawyer whose practice area comprises of representing victims of head injury, brain injury, traumatic epilepsy, coma and seizure disorders.

Check the track record

The lawyer must have knowledge and insights in traumatic brain injury, but their performance record indicates their success rate. How many such cases the lawyer has handled successfully will tell you how much success they have been. Also, you must gather information about their achievement in terms of verdicts and settlement in terms of monetary value.

If you find that the lawyer you want to go ahead with has collected a few million dollars in settlement for the clients, you can safely bank on him or her.