Law and order were created to keep people secured from any corruption and forgery! But there are times when the legal system fails to defend the innocent. People get framed and tricked by others and end up in jail. That is not all. There are situations when a reaction to an action is counted as criminal behavior and offense. Circumstances at times, make a person act out of defense aggressively, which often gets used against him or her. It’s not a pleasant sight to see your loved one suffering in jail. If you want to get him/her out of jail temporarily, you need to say yes to a bail bond company.

When you join hands with a bail bond agent, you need to pay 10% of the bond amount. The rest gets paid by the company or agent. To know more about it, you can get in touch with Castle Bail Bonds. Also, you should be aware of the crimes for which you can opt-in for a bail.

  • A disorderly behavior

This kind of behavior brings upon disturbance in the family or surrounding. It also creates public hassles and problem. It usually involves general inappropriate behavior, like fighting vehemently, acting in a very loud manner and also getting drunk and creating a public nuisance. These are considered as lesser crimes and get categorized mostly as misdemeanors.

  • Assault

The apparent description of assault is when a person tries to harm someone. An attack usually is intentional and can have dangerous repercussions. The charge against the person can be felony or misconduct as well. It all gets based on the person’s offense severity.

  • Opposing arrest

Here a person resists a legal arrest by behaving in an unwanted manner. It is also true for a person who acts irresponsibly and uncontrollably during an arrest. The person might physically harm the officer as well.

  • An aggravated assault

Here a person resorts to dangerous weapons to harm the other. It gets considered as an automatic felony of the fourth or third degree. Such a legal case is generally critical. If the defendant has caused severe damage to the other or has an ill reputation, the judge might not grant bail.

  • Robbery and aggravated robbery

The act robbery is theft that takes place under threat of force. When any deadly weapon gets used during the robbery, the crime gets listed as aggravated robbery. There are chances of physical injuries during this crime. Examples of this include bank robber, theft in a house, larceny in a hyper mall, office, and the like.

  • Burglary and aggravated burglary

This crime is very similar to robbery! However, here, the crime mostly takes place in a person’s house under threat of force. There are burglar’s who make use of dangerous weapons while robbing a house. Sometimes, when the house members protest, they get harmed by the burglar as well.

These are some of the crimes for which you can seek a bail bond! However, if the offense is severe and the after-effects have caused havoc, the judge would decide whether the defendant should get bail or not. It is because no one wants to leave a criminal free, who can cause other damages.