Beard growth: effective ways to grow your beard quickly

Ever since the three-day and full beard trend became a sign of masculine charisma, beard growth has been the focus of attention for men of different age groups. Those who are blessed by nature with strong growth and dense beard hair are well off and don’t have to worry about a beard lubricant. But most men are dissatisfied with their beard growth and are looking for a method that promotes hair density and hair growth on a natural basis.

What can be done to stimulate beard growth and how effective can be a beard growth enhancer? Does daily shaving help for a strong and dense beard or is it a fairy tale that doesn’t stand the test of time in the real world? Questions about questions that many men deal with.

How the diet affects beard growth and hair density

In principle, beard growth is specified in the genetic code and is “inherited”. However, there are some methods that promote beard growth and strengthen hair density. Especially men with very thin and unevenly growing beard hair can strengthen their hormonal balance by a well thought-out and balanced diet. Onions and garlic, mustard and celery have an effect on the testosterone balance and thus on the basis for robust beard growth. For a healthy diet, alcohol and nicotine should not be consumed, as these substances have a negative effect on the hormone balance and restrict beard growth. Protein-rich nutrition and sporting activity are true boosters for hair growth and thus also for a dense and healthy beard. Artificial testosterone as beard growth agent should be avoided in favour of health. Aggressions as well as an increased hair growth on the whole body are associated with the intake and application of testosterone-containing products and are undesirable side effects, which should not be accepted even by the desired full beard growth.

Combat stress and avoid the main cause of thin beard hair

Stress has a negative influence not only on head hair but also on beard growth. Those who have a lot of stress at work or in their private life, and who do little exercise at the same time, damage the hair growth through the released stress hormones. Cortisol is the hormone that most restricts beard growth and is always released when a phase of tension exceeds the release of adrenaline. Another important recommendation is to drink a lot. Water in particular has a positive effect on beard growth and is a natural wellspring for health and a completely natural beard grower. If you no longer dream of a dense beard and want to wear the longed-for full beard or three-day beard in your own face, these tips and a natural beard grower without chemical additives are good advice. Often already an examination of the life circumstances and the honesty helps to itself, if it concerns the nutrition and the sporty activity in the everyday life.

Sleep enough

Yes, this seemingly simple method can significantly improve the growth rate of your beard. All thanks to one of the most powerful hormones – testosterone (and indirectly DHT). As with overtrained muscles that only grow when you sleep, increasing the cross-section of your fibers, your beard also grows best when you’re asleep. That’s when your body produces the largest amounts of testosterone during REM sleep, which means it’s the fastest way to build all its tissues, including the beard.

So remember to sleep 7-10 hours a day every night, and have a solid base to grow.

Are there natural beard growth regulators?

They do exist. A natural beard grower consists of important nutrients, minerals and vitamins. A product on a natural basis is free of chemical ingredients and hormones, which lead to side effects and affect the entire body hair and the aggression potential. Therefore, a distinction has to be made between natural and chemical products, the latter of which cannot be an option. Basically, however, one should not rely solely on growth support, but also focus on a diet that promotes hair growth. The beard growth remedy from Joe┬┤s Finest made from natural ingredients is a valuable and healthy supplement, but not a substitute for a balanced diet and the necessary activity to promote blood circulation. The blood circulation of the facial skin has an important influence on beard growth and is the basis for healthy and strong hair follicles. Only if your face is well supplied with blood can you protect yourself from hair loss and a thinning beard caused by hair loss.