Eyelash serum – why it is worth using it

Even the biggest eyes must have the right frame. Healthy, long and thick eyelashes are the dream of every woman. Unfortunately, nature does not always give us what we dream about. Many women complain that their eyelashes are short, brittle and thin. Fortunately, currently in beauty shops and pharmacies you can find specialized products that will quickly improve the condition of eyelashes. Properly selected serum will finally make the eyelashes long, thick and stop falling out. What are the ingredients in a good serum? How should this type of cosmetics be used?

Most commonly used ingredients

The ingredients used in the serum depend on the manufacturer. However, it is possible to indicate those that are used by the majority of manufacturers of this type of cosmetics. It is, among others, bimatoprost. It is a substance that stimulates the growth of eyelashes very strongly. Its addition makes the serum lengthen eyelashes very well, and the effects appear in a very short time. It should be emphasized that the substance is safe and its use is not associated with any risk.

Very often the serum also contains provitamin B5 and vitamin E. These are ingredients that penetrate deeply into the structure of lashes, and as a result improve their condition. Eyelashes become definitely stronger, shiny, less brittle. The substance, which is also really often used by manufacturers of such cosmetics is hyaluronic acid. It deeply moisturizes eyelashes and makes their surface smooth.

Eyelash serum – which eyelash serum will be the most suitable?

Finding the best eyelash serum is an ambition that many people set themselves as soon as they are dissatisfied with the look of their eyes. But there are many different approaches to this problem and none of them guarantees 100 percent of the desired result. Therefore, special care should be taken here.

What is not advisable is a personal consultation in a shop. No matter whether it is an eyelash studio, a beauty salon or a shop specialising in styling and beauty: potential customers usually have a strategic disadvantage, as the sellers are more interested in selling products from higher price categories – mostly regardless of the ingredients and the effect.

It is therefore advisable to analyse a lash serum test result at any time and take it into account when choosing a product. In the case of eyelash serum tests, attention is paid to various aspects, and these criteria are coordinated and compared with each other in such a way that the final result is an overall average according to which the assessment and evaluation takes place. This is the only way to determine an average value for potential customers and avoid a bad purchase.

Evaluation Criteria

The criteria for the evaluation are among others:

  • Where does the average price of the product level off? (This usually deviates from the manufacturer’s recommended retail price).
  • How long does a unit of the product, for example a bottle, last before it is empty?
  • Is the serum dermatologically tested and free from potentially harmful ingredients (such as perfume, silicone, mineral oils, hormones, etc.)?
  • Were there animal tests?
  • What are the final results, tolerability and value for money?

One of the most important criteria, however, is the evaluation of the final result of the eyelash treatment with the serum. Even the cheapest, most tolerable eyelash sera are useless if they cannot achieve the desired result.

What is also recommended in this context is to find out how susceptible there is to allergic reactions. In this way, certain products can be filtered out in advance.

How do I buy a good serum for my eyelashes?

The price of an eyelash serum does not have to be very high. Many natural products, which can also be used to protect and care for the lashes is not expensive, so cosmetic companies that overstate the price of an eyelash serum will not be recommended.

It is worth to be interested in the speed with which a given serum will affect our lashes. The average lifespan of hairs is about 120 days, so the potential serum must work fast enough to nourish the eyelash and give it a glow before its lifespan expires.

The composition of the serum is very important. It is worth investing in natural ingredients, well proven, straight from nature.

When buying an eyelash serum, it is worthwhile to get to know the opinions of various companies and brands, reading them e.g. on the Internet. In this way, you can easily learn about the satisfaction of other customers with the product. It is also worth checking serum tests and rankings where you can find valuable information about prices, ingedients and benefits. Such tests can be found here.