Many believe that it is not the looks and dressing of a man that earns him the tag of a gentleman but his behavior. Although its true to an extent but the importance of good dressing cannot be neglected. It holds equal, if not more, importance as much showing good behavior and being respectful.

In today’s time work life has gotten everyone on their toes; thus, not many people, men, in particular, are left with much time for self-care and knowing about the aspects they lack in their personality in order to become a gentleman.

In this post, we have shed light on some of the aspects of your personality that you need to pay attention to be known as a gentleman. Have a look at them:


Slow Down (Take a Break)

Firstly, slow down in this busy world. Take some time off for yourself. It wouldn’t hurt much if it requires you to take a couple of offs from work. This will give you ample time to focus on your current situation and reflect on the lacking aspects that can make you grow and prosper as a person.

As stated above, the corporate world, in today’s time, has become quite demanding. As there aren’t many opportunities, those who have gotten a place in this competitive corporate world are trying hard to cling to it, even if they have to spend extra hours or exert additional energies for it. This has gotten their life on a fast track. Slowing down things i.e. taking a break from this fast-paced life will not provide them relief from physical stress but improve their mental health as well.


Groom Yourself

No matter how busy you are or how tough your routine is, always time out to groom yourself. Your appearance matters as it makes for a vital part of your personality. You can make a noticeable difference in your looks and personality by properly grooming yourself. Here are some of the things you can do to groom yourself:

  • Visit a spa occasionally and get a massage. It will give you a relaxed feeling and recharge your body to get back at the work routine.
  • Avoid taking hot showers. While a hot shower washes all the stress away, particularly in the winter season, but it is advised against taking long hot showers as they aren’t healthy for the skin. The oils that are responsible for keeping our skin soft and healthy are flushed away with the hot water. Therefore, make it a habit to take cold showers.
  • Pay attention to the products you use on your skin. It is important to read labels of your skincare products i.e. tan foam, body wash, hand wash, face wash or any other lotions and creams you use in your daily life. Make sure they are composed of healthy ingredients and there are no toxins included.
  • Not many men pay attention to their feet care. This is why fungal infection and other feet care problem are quite common in men. Thus, it is advised to pay attention to feet care.
  • Keep your hair in good condition. Most of the styling products men use have certain chemicals in them that can affect the health of their hair and scalp. Hence, it is important to take care of your hair. Right from shampoo to hair sprays and gels, every product must be selected tactfully.
  • Smell good. It is a vital factor when it comes to grooming for men. However, instead of experimenting with different perfumes every day, create a signature smell by selecting a particular perfume that will get heads turned wherever you. Don’t make the grave mistake of over spraying. It is the biggest grooming mistake men make.
  • Manscaping is important. Whether you want to trim it or shave it off altogether, it depends on your and your partner’s preference.
  • Focus on facial hair. It says a lot of your personality and the kind of impact you want to create on others. Even if you are aiming for a rough look, focusing on facial hair is important. Instead of using machines, we would recommend you to get back to the art of shaving as the finesse it gives is unmatched. Furthermore, use quality shaving products i.e. foams, aftershaves to get the best look.

You can find an extensive range of grooming products when it comes to beard care and high-quality accessories at Have a look at them and buy the ones that suit your needs.


Value Things you Have

Appreciating finest things in life makes one happy and helps them to have a positive outlook towards life. When a person is happy from inside, it reflects on their personality and tends to exude positive, pleasant energy.

To value things you have, put your focus towards the things going in your favor rather than thinking about those that didn’t work out. Learning to focus on positives will make you a thankful person and help you to have a pleasant personality. It is a true gentleman quality that every man should possess.


Analyze your Dressing Sense

Put some extra efforts when it comes to dressing up. Don’t overdo it but bring smallest yet noticeable change in your dressing sense. For example, little things such as using tie-pins, cuff-links, classy watches can make a great difference in your appearance.


Depict the Best Behavior

Lastly, a key trait that makes a man, gentleman is the courteous behavior. As the famous saying goes, “courtesy costs nothing but buys everything”, your courteous behavior can set many things straight for you. Simply put, no matter how appealing looks a man have, they won’t do much for him if his behavior isn’t on point.

Even if the daunting of times, it is recommended to show courtesy and depict the best behavior. There are little things that matter like greeting others with a smile, helping people without showing any sign of giving them a favor etc. These small aspects can make a vital impact on one’s personality.

All in all, focusing on the points mentioned above will help you to have a pleasant persona and earn a gentleman tag.