It takes two things to be able to greet your friends the right way in the morning. The first thing is being able to start a conversation and second being able to creatively structure a message for them.

The good thing is that nowadays there are many good morning wishes and messages available that you can send to your loved ones every morning. However, you should be able to start a conversation with them especially if you want to wish a new friend a good morning.

In this article, we are going to talk about just what you should tell your friends who have been with you through the thick and thin and also give some messages that you can be sending to them every morning.

‘’Hi there! I hope you are good this morning. I think that sharing your morning coffee with the rest of us is the most brilliant idea. Wake up and get dressed because I will be coming to fetch you’’.

‘’Here is another beautiful day for us. Don’t tell me you are not up already. It’s now time to wake up and get out there and feel the sun on your skin again’’.

‘’Every beautiful morning like this I wake up and smile. I wake up and thank God that He gave me such a  caring and a beautiful friend. You are a blessing to Me.…Have a great day ahead’’.

‘’Hi wake up and shine. It’s a beautiful day and you must be out to feel the sun. May all of your worries be washed away today’’.

‘’May people see how amazing you are. Wake up and give the society something to smile at. Good morning’’.

‘’I hope you are up to see the beauty. With the shinny rays of the sun and the soft blowing wind, you should be out here to share blessings with us. Have a wonderful morning’’.

‘’Every time I wake up, I usually thank God for all the blessings that he had on me. Sometimes I don’t have enough words to explain how thankful I am to have you in my life. Have a good day ahead’’.

‘’Rise and shine, its time. God has given us another wonderful day to try and seek success. If you cannot leave your blankets right now, I am ready to come and drag you out’’.

‘’If you want to walk on the same lane with success, then you must be waking up before sun. Ensure that you are ahead of the day every time. It’s now time to wake up and showcase your skills. Good morning’’.

‘’A day started early is a day that ends well. Wake up and start your day. The sooner you get around to doing things in your office the more rewards you attract. Have a nice day’’.

‘’Wake up now, let’s gather and welcome this beautiful day. Let’s go with the hope and excitement and you will never leave in fear. Have a nice day ahead’’.

‘’Another beautiful day out of 365 is here. Waking up and utilizing this day well will save you struggles in the future. Rise and shine. Good morning’’.

I’m very much sure that your friends will like them and these beautiful quotes help them start their day in a more energetic way.