Benefits of hiring a hurricane damage lawyer

As a homeowner, you must have purchased a suitable property insurance policy that protects you against financial duress. The insurance policy will cover the expenses you will incur when you undertake to repair your house. Your house might have been damaged due to strong winds and rain caused by hurricanes. But the sad reality is that many insurance companies refuse to pay homeowners coverage of damage caused by hurricanes. Homeowners are often faced with the stark reality of insurance companies trying to underpay or even refusing to play home repair claims. To ensure that the insurance companies duly pay your claims, you need to hire a hurricane damage lawyer. The question that lawyers are answering from is When Do You Need to Hire a Hurricane Damage Lawyer in Florida. Top answer is when you are planning to file a claim; you need to Contact a Hurricane Damage Attorney in Orlando. Some of the benefits of hiring a hurricane damage attorney are as follows:

  1. Evaluate if your claims are being denied because of the negligence of the insurance agent.

Sometimes homeowners are often denied the claims because of the negligence of the insurance agents. For example, if your insurance agent has not filed the claim on time or has not been prompt about paying the premiums, the insurance company can refuse to pay the claims. It is necessary to ensure that your premiums are up to date. You must also check that all your documents are filed along with the claims. Your insurance agent must work with you during the claims process. If you hire a hurricane damage claims attorney, he can evaluate if the insurance company is trying to refuse your claims because of the negligence of your insurance agent. This can be easily overridden by your attorney when he provides all the necessary documents and categorically proves that you cannot be held responsible for the negligence of a third party.

  1. Your lawyer can help evaluate your claims.

With the help of your hurricane damage claims lawyer, you can evaluate the coverage you can expect from your insurance company. If you check your insurance policy carefully, you will find that you will have coverage for specific items like roof repair damage, mold damage repair, window repair, and other similar damage repair coverage. You cannot expect an overall coverage for hurricane damage because there is no hurricane insurance. Your attorney will help you evaluate your claim and ensure that it falls within the coverage guaranteed by your insurance policy. This is necessary to ensure that your insurance does not get a chance to deny your claims or try to reduce the claim value. The first step to ensuring that the claim does not get rejected is by checking the claims made are worthwhile.

  1. Your lawyer will help you with the gathering of evidence to substantiate your claims.

When you make claims for damage coverage, you must substantiate your claim with adequate evidence. This evidence can be in the form of pictures and videos of the damage that your house has suffered due to the hurricane. Your lawyer will help you with the gathering of this evidence. Some of the methods by which he can help you with the gathering of evidence are as follows:

  • Just as you can take pictures and videos of the damage that your house has suffered, your attorney can have home inspectors sent over to your house to evaluate the damage.
  • Your lawyer will negotiate on your behalf with insurance adjusters regarding the damage that your house has suffered. This will prevent the insurance adjusters from providing any misleading or wrong information regarding the property damage.
  • If required, lawyers can even interview witnesses and check recordings of the property or damage to ensure that the claims are justified.

Evaluation and substantiation of the evidence must ensure that the claims can be upheld in front of the insurance company representatives. Your attorney will also guide you regarding gathering the necessary evidence to strengthen your claims and make it easier for you to get the claims resolved.

  1. Your attorney will represent you and negotiate on your behalf.

Just as the insurance company will have representatives, insurance adjusters, and lawyers to represent their rights, you too need an attorney to represent your rights. Since you cannot purchase a perfect hurricane insurance policy, you will have to choose a property insurance policy that provides you adequate coverage in a hurricane. You will also have to check for deductibles in case of such an insurance policy. As a layperson, all of these might seem complex for you. The best option would be to hire an attorney who will uphold your rights and represent you in such a scenario. He will represent you in front of the insurance company representatives and go to trial even in court. He will explain to you the nuances of civil litigation and the merit of your case. He will also negotiate your claims with the insurance company representatives on your behalf. Your attorney will also be responsible for advising you regarding taking the case to trial or accepting the settlement provided by the company.

Your attorney is responsible for guiding you throughout the claims process. He will give you his opinion and help you to evaluate your case. Hence, it is necessary to involve your attorney right from the beginning of your case. Many a time’s homeowners make the mistake of not hiring an attorney while filing an insurance claim. As a result, they have received lesser settlements, whereas they were entitled to a higher settlement. This can be ascertained only when a lawyer evaluates the policy documents and the property damage that you have suffered. He will also estimate the expenses that you are likely to incur when you repair your home. All of these have to be considered when you file for your claims with your insurance provider. Thus, it is beneficial and paramount to hire an attorney when you are planning to file for a hurricane damage insurance claim. Learn more about Louis Law Group, a Florida Hurricane Damage law firm, via this Haiti Open Magazine business profile.