WordPress Facts: Few people know this

WordPress: Spectacular CMS for beginners and professionals

WordPress is considered the perfect kit for beginners on the web who want to build a professional site. Unlike traditional content management systems, WordPress is based on a so-called open source project. This means that everyone has the possibility to customize the tool for their properties and help others with useful applications. Based on PHP, it is one of the most widely used systems in the world. New templates or help tools appear daily, expanding the scope of WordPress and offering users more solutions for designing. Although the software initially seems more sober than, for example, colorful construction kits of various Internet or website providers, but the options of WordPress are definitely more diverse.

That is why WordPress has a global significance

WordPress has a market share of over 60% among the existing CMS systems. Thus, the tool plays at the top of the league of programs for creating websites. Another interesting fact is that every day well over 500 pages are created on the web with WordPress alone. Even large providers can only dream of such numbers. In addition to 55,000 plugins, aspects such as the free use of WordPress also contribute to this. Especially for students, start-ups or people who are looking for a cheap alternative to well-known CMS systems, find in the tool everything they need and spend no money. Although there are WordPress themes from external designers that cost a small fee, but most of them are offered for free. In addition, many themes can be adapted to personal preferences even with little prior knowledge, which leads to individual results. Such sites are then ultimately also clearly set apart from those of other systems that rely only on rigid designs and offer few customization solutions.

Support via plugins help users worldwide

Based on PHP and MySQL, the software is constantly being developed and can thus easily keep up with modern demands of the Internet. This aspect was important to the founders of WordPress, Little and Mullenweg, from the beginning. The community should always be a central part of WordPress. Thus, everyone could and can contribute with his ideas and his knowledge to adapt and expand the CMS to new needs. There is support via plugins, which can be easily integrated into the CMS via click like in an internal app store. Created useful gimmicks, such as table creations with attractive designs, integrable tables of contents, graphical applications to modify existing WordPress themes or applications that are much more for experienced users and promote, for example, the simplification of URL redirections or perform SEO analysis of the content. Such and similar apps also help many an webdesign agency from the Allgäu to be able to expand their offer.

These facts about WordPress speak for themselves

Interesting is the fact that analysts have tried to economically quantify the free construction of WordPress by users once. They came to a processing of the CMS of up to 150 years and a production sum of almost 8 million euros. An effort that hardly a regular company would have been able to handle. Nevertheless, many modern CMS also benefit from solutions that users have integrated into WordPress and are inspired by such. If you still can’t believe that WordPress is one of the most sought-after systems that even professionals like to use, you should remember that about 17 blogposts are created per second worldwide solely with WordPress. This is 61,200 posts that users globally perform per hour. Already the incredible number of 20 billion existing websites that have been created with the help of WordPress should be impressive.

Impressive record numbers and decisive advantages compared to conventional software solutions

Groundbreaking is not only the number of available plugins in the WordPress plugin directory. In general, these have been downloaded and integrated into pages over a billion times so far. Hardly any other CMS can claim this high usage, which is why WordPress will certainly remain one of the important CMSs in the coming years. Even newer alternatives have a clear barrier and it starts where the development webdesign agency from the Allgäu, which focuses on reliability and quality, WordPress offers the best choice anyway. Again and again it is shown that this tool is perfectly suited to implement own visions or of customers in a first-class way.