There are many advantages that we will experience by planning resources in the right way. We can give it to you with an example of a laboratory planning application. Demand and priorities change daily, so the schedule must be constantly updated. Thanks to a tool adapted to this we can adjust it in real time. This is the only way to optimise service levels and laboratory performance. Maintaining a balance between these two factors is crucial for efficient work. Thanks to the application, we can reduce the time spent on current changes, even to 80%. This model is a precise record of the obligations and constraints, the respect of which is the main criterion for assessing the success of the change introduced. This cloud application is ideal for an organization that relies on critical knowledge workers to deliver within tight deadlines.The benefits of the capacity planning tool, resourcing can benefit many industries in areas such as laboratories, R&D, clinical operations, regulatory affairs, engineering and cellular and gene therapy. The application does everything to ensure timely deliveries with optimal throughput and efficiency. The web application, which is an innovative solution used by many companies, makes it easier to use it, thanks to the user-friendly interface. 

Why do you need this tool? 

Performance planning is the process of calculating how many resources you need to meet demand. Functional teams need an insight into their capabilities and the picture of their resources in order to be able to accurately forecast their resource needs. This is done in order to meet demand at the project portfolio level. The appropriate software will certainly prove to be very helpful in this regard. It is easy to assume that your people will like the new way of working because it is more efficient or helps to deliver more on time. With resource capacity planning software you can get rid of unnecessary worries and act more efficiently in your company. It is for this purpose that tools are created that can be used to eliminate the headaches associated with capacity planning. Performance planning shows the extent to which projects should be covered. Employees must be available and you must be satisfied with the additional resources. The Capacity planning tool also allows you to skillfully manage the inventory of skills. In simple terms, a skill list is a record of who of the employees can do what job or what skills they have. On the other hand, the tool can identify gaps in the company, in terms of skills shortages. By managing resources through capacity planning, you have the ability to forecast training needs. Such a tool can reduce resource costs, which is crucial for many businesses. Performance planning allows us to detect the cheapest way to meet our resource needs.