We are living in a world where everyone is busy and have a hectic schedule. This makes our life stressful and challenging. There are few people who are not capable of finding inner peace and distressing.

All the stress can have a negative impact on your life, work, and productivity. There is a plethora of ways to de-stress employees, but not all the activities are effective or fun. One of these activities is dining together with your boss, yet you may wonder Do People Still Invite Their Bosses Over for Dinner?
Another activity you can indulge your employees is terrarium making.

Terrariums are a wonderful way to de-stress your employees. Not only this, it is a great way to promote teamwork and increase bonding between team members. There are several reasons for making terrariums. In this post, we have listed a few of the benefits of terrariums for corporate team building.


Benefits of Terrarium Making Workshop

For those who don’t know, a terrarium is a transparent container that holds small plants, mini figurines, and animals. It is a controlled self-contained eco-system that has everything sealed in one box. Attending a terrarium workshop is beneficial for all the employees in the company. Here are some of the benefits.


Show Your Creativity

We all know that doing the same work every day soon starts to feel like a chore. This often results in diminishing creativity. There is no doubt, everyone needs a break from their work once in a while. This is a useful strategy to keep your mind active and promotes creativity.

Making terrarium is a wonderful way to express or showcase your creativity. You can go beyond your imagination to build your own customized terrarium. This is a fun activity that can be enjoyed in groups or individually.

A terrarium workshop will enable you to choose your favorite plants, rocks, sands, and other things and assemble them according to your preference. Moreover, it will let you think out of the box, so you can mix and match different items. Attending a terrarium workshop is an easy way to challenge yourself.


Promotes Bonding and Cooperation

Not all the employees talk outside of work or know every colleague on a personal level. Teamwork is a crucial aspect of success. Without cooperation and teamwork, a company cannot be successful. A terrarium workshop will encourage all the team members to talk outside of work.

In the workshop, a fun and relaxed environment is maintained that motivates the employees to talk to each other. It will provide an excellent opportunity to take a break from all the hierarchy and seriousness of the office.

In an office environment, many people are misunderstood for their actions. However, in a terrarium workshop, you will be able to know more about the person sitting next to you. Thanks to this workshop, you can know more about the personality of your colleagues.


Increase Teamwork

Let’s be honest, there are hundreds of employees in a company and you might not have the chance to talk to everyone. This is where a terrarium workshop might come in handy. You can pair up with people you have not spoken to in the company.

In this way, you will get to know more about. Since you will be working on your own terrariums, you can give ideas on how to improve the terrariums.


Increase Sense of Well-Being

Without a doubt, greenery is an excellent way to freshen and brighten up space. An indoor plant increases concentration levels. In addition, indoor plants will uplift your mood and eliminate stress. According to color psychology, green color is associated with providing calming effect.

So, a terrarium workshop will enable you to make your own terrarium to be placed on your desk. With this, you can increase your productivity and brighten up your day. Being near nature will enhance both, your physical and mental health. You will be able to focus on your work in a better way.

Additionally, a terrarium workshop will calm you down and eradicate stress. By attending a workshop, you can enjoy nature.


Everyone Can Be a Part of Workshop

There are plenty of games for team building; nonetheless, every activity requires waiting. This makes it challenging to accommodate a huge group at a time. This might make some members feel left out and they might get tired of waiting. For them, it might take forever to play the game.

Fortunately, terrarium making is one such activity in which there is no waiting. Everyone can make their own terrarium together. In a terrarium workshop, a large or small group can easily be accommodated in a single go. As a result, everyone feels a part of the team and inclusive. After all, this is what team building is about.


It is All About Fun

The main purpose of the terrarium workshop is promoting cooperation, patience, and teamwork along with it being fun. In a workshop, you will just have to build the terrarium and enjoy the session. You will be provided the needed materials for decorating.

All the materials will be placed in front of you on the table. The environment of the workshop is relaxing and fun; music will be played to enlighten up the atmosphere. Your employees can work as a team on one terrarium or everyone can build their own terrariums. This will help in creating a social and comfortable setting.


Choosing the Best Terrarium Workshop

With so many choices, choosing the best terrarium workshop can prove to be daunting and dreadful. However, an ideal Terrarium Workshop Singapore is offered by Fun Empire. Terrarium making is a fun and great way to promote teamwork.

It is a wonderful way to promote concentration and patience among the team members. The best part is that it is good for the environment as well. We, at Fun Empire, will make sure your team has a great time destressing themselves. It will promote bonding and cooperation between members. We have a curriculum that is catered for your requirements. Our experts will make sure during this workshop your employees have an exceptional experience. We will ensure your employees will learn new concepts with the elements of fun and practical hands-on. For more information, get in touch.