If you have a small or medium business that has been struggling to keep its head up in the market, effective content marketing clan work wonders. It is reported that while content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it generates more than three times as many leads.


Why content marketing?

Content marketing has been proven over time to help build influence over customers. Content marketing is communication with customers. This communication requires you to provide your customers with details or information they’ll need on particular subjects. However, the aim of this is to attract the response of a select audience. Once this continues, the audience begins to buy into you till you can finally get them to do what you want.

Before content marketing gets to the point where it builds influence, certain things must be obtained. Beyond creating content, you must supply something the is needed. Social media is filled with all sorts of information on different things, so much so that some become junk. Make sure that your audience does not regard your content as junk, but as valuable. You could do this by airing your opinion on controversial stuff, providing a solution to a rampant problem, shift the perspective of your audience on a particular subject matter, answer difficult questions or any other valuable information that comes to mind.

The implication of creating value is giving a benefit. People are naturally drawn to whatever benefits them. They also tend to comply in order to keep receiving such benefits. Therefore, the moment you create value with your content, you have an upper hand because your audience needs to retain your benefits. That way, you have the ability to influence your audience.

After creating valuable content, the way you put it out determines how far it goes. You should consider certain things while putting your content out.

  • Have business goals and metrics: In order for content marketing to be effective, you must have a goal, and metrics to measure your progress towards that goal. If you are just starting a new business, this digitalcoursecompare guide will help you determine the best content marketing course to learn. This will help you define the needed content and target audience.
  • Pick a platform: After deciding suitable content. You should consider what platform suits you or your business better. While some content marketing thrive through blogs, microblogging or short-form blogging will fit others better
  • Create awareness: Except for your target audience stumbles on your content, they may not know it even exists. You can create awareness by increasing your followers on Twitter and Instagram. You should also attend social functions. The idea is to make people aware of your personality and not the product. If you as a person can build influence on them, then you can influence them to buy your products.
  • Get visual: Content becomes more attractive and effective when it’s in a visual form. Putting your content into pictures or motion graphics  helps your audience receive your content.
  • Get help: As you continue building your content, consult quarters of expertise or seek assistance as to how content marketing can deliver you the effect you seek. There are experts in content marketing who’ll love to help if you seek their assistance.


Conclusively, content marketing could be the key to your business growth if you are effective with it. Content marketing could be through mails, social media platforms amongst others.