Awareness about the Ipe hardwood is not much prevalent amongst people. This is because this type of hardwood is available in very limited places, like central America. Also known as the brazil walnut, this type of hardwood is pronounced as EE-PAY. It is much expensive than the rest of the hardwoods and many experts prefer to work with Ipe hardwood for a number of reasons. It is a much more preferable equipment for Ipe decking. Many people choose it for its durability, its natural colour and beauty and its great strength.


Benefits of Ipe Hardwood

  • The reason why many people are beginning to prefer Ipe hardwood is because of its intense and reliable strength. This type of wood is mold resistant, insect resistant and can adapt to different environments and temperatures. Moreover, like other wooden structures or cement structures, Ipe hardwood tends to contract or expand very less. Which is why the durability and structure of the Ipe hardwood can last for more than 50+ years. Even though it is expensive, the price is justified because it is basically a good investment.
  • Low Maintenance. This is a great advantage for people who do not want to spend back breaking hours cleaning the floor. To preserve the colour and beauty of the Ipe hardwood, all you need to do is apply Ipe oil or a rose based oil called penofin. This seals the natural colour of the Ipe hardwood for a long time, leaving you to enjoy the colour for a long period and making the atmosphere look fresh everyday. If cleaning the Ipe hardwood is necessary then use hydrogen peroxide to clean dirt, dust, grime and mold spores (if any), although Ipe hardwood is mold resistant.
  • Cool Surface. Even during the blistering heat of the sun, the Ipe hardwood retains its coolness and does not absorb the sunlight. As already said, ipe hardwood does not contract or expand as much as other hardwoods. Which is why your feet remain cool when touching the ipe hardwood floor or deck.

There exist many claims about ipe hardwood that it can resist mold formation and insects. To test whether this theory was true, the US Naval Research Laboratory put ipe hardwood in the ground with termites for over 10 years. After checking the ipe hardwood after 10 years, the ipe hardwood remained unblemished and as good as new. It had resisted all termite attacks. This has never been recorded for any other type of wood. This is the perfect kind of wood for use outdoors. It can fight against outside influences and still remain as good as new, which many woods cannot seem to do.

A few disadvantages of ipe hardwood also exist. One is that ipe hardwood costs a hefty amount. From 3.50$ to 5$. Moreover, because many people do not know how to install ipe deck material, labour has to be hired and the price increases to 20$ or more. Moreover, most ipe wood is also harvested illegally. Make sure you use a reliable supplier.