Not many people know of the wood called Ipe. Mostly because it is available in only some limited areas and it costs a bit more than other types of hardwoods. Ipe is a strong and sturdy type of hardwood which is wonderful for making decks attached to swimming pools or homes.


What is Ipe Material?

Ipe is only available in Central America. Many people also know of Ipe as the brazil walnut. As already said, the material is much stronger than other hardwoods and is darker in colour which many people prefer. To retain the natural colour of the wood, most people seal the wood so as to enjoy the darker color for a longer period. Moreover, Ipe wood is great for use in any kind of season or region because it is quite resistant against varying heat and temperature conditions. Many people and carpenters prefer this type of wood for many reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • Slip resistant
  • Amber and reddish hues
  • Eco friendly wood as it is cultivated responsibly
  • Ipe also has a high intensity level.

Ipe also has no or less need for maintenance. All you will need is to sweep and wipe the floor every once in a while. No mold forms on this type of wood as it can perfectly handle every type of environment. Moreover, just because the colour of the Ipe wood tends to fade away overtime does not mean that the structure of the Ipe wood is becoming weak. In fact, the fading colour has no relation with the weakening structure. Ipe wood’s structural integrity remains the same for quite some years. Using the right equipment, Ipe wood is extremely easy to install in houses.


Ipe Decking

The materials needed to install Ipe wood is a long list. Which is why many homeowners always consider to hire an expert in the area. A huge range of bolts and screws are required for securing the board. A post hole digger is required for the support beams and for the surface. Most people tend to buy Ipe mixed with other forms of wood as well since it gets much cheaper and affordable. People use the Ipe wood to build the surface while the support beams and posts are built out of other types of wood.

Wooden beams are attached to the joists when making an Ipe deck with ledger boards and the rest of the Ipe decking material. After the deck is designed, the builder determines a good position to place the wooden beam or support posts. A post digger is used to dig a hole into the ground and concrete is placed inside it. Once the wet concrete is inserted into the hole, the support posts are placed in and the concrete is left to dry. If the support post is not stable enough then it will lean or slant.


How Much Does Ipe Decking Cost

Ipe decking can cost anywhere from 3.50$ to 5$ per square foot. The price may be increased keeping in mind the labour work involved.