The gaming industry is a multi billion industry and specifically looking into mobile gaming, there are hundreds of players who enter and exit simultaneously. This article will talk about the games that have been there for good amount of time and have been on top charts. If you want a good Android game, we advise you to take a look at Mobile legends, for which you will easily find mobile legends cheats online.

In this article, we will take you through 7 of the best Android fighting games in 2018.



Best Android Fighting Games:


  • Real boxing 2 Rocky


It is one of the best fighting games in it. You will have to play as a popular fictional character when you fight. There are many things for that too. You can challenge other fighters, mini games, martial arts guards, and even create your own character. It has the ability to choose power generation and gear and can turn it better or worse. Controls are beautiful.



  • Fight Club


The Fight Club bills it as an action-adventure fighting game. This game has 20 levels, various equipment to help you, and some super powers. There is no connection to the same name. Well, most of the fight takes place in dimly lit flats or at night. However, however, there is no similarity. Shortly thereafter, you need to get yourself. This is said to be the most entertaining and fun game in the whole list.



  • Marvel Future Fight


Marvel Future Fight is an open game world with an animated graphics and action packing game, it plays quietly, and you’ll be busy for a few hours.

Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, you can work with most helpless war heroes. This is said to be the most downloaded game in the whole list.



  • Fighting Tiber


Fighting Tibet Liberal is one of the Old Fighting Games. That’s good too. You start in an area and you must defeat one another instead of one. Mechanics often struggle with special movements and combos with conflict. Fighting arts, weapons and some other fighting that you can use to defeat bad guys. Your girlfriend should be saved and there is a type of propaganda that can fight to save your life.



  • Blood and glory


If you are in Epic films, as the game fights the gladiator style, you will love the game of blood and reputation. The game is free for downloading the Google Play  Store. It uses both slash and spy mechanical.



  • Hockey Fight Pro


Any hockey enthusiast will love this game very much. You can participate in the tournament and participate in the top nine hockey players in the world. You can also enter a one-on-one mode with a better player to improve your skills. This game is available in iTunes and Google Play Store


That’s it from us on part of top 7 fighting games that one can play on Android.  The list is articulated after looking into reviews of users of the game on different online platforms and publication respectively.To know more about the game, You can click here.

Thank you for reading the article, and let us know if we have missed out on your favorite fighting game or if your favorite fighting game is already mentioned above.

The post is in no way shape or sponsored by any of the games and their development team stated above.