Tired of following 3D courses and thinking of hiring a 3D designer? For many years, Computer Aided Design (CAD) has been used in product designing and engineering. In recent years, CAD is not only limited to a certain industry, but it is also widely used in almost every industry. It is used for designing floor plans, home design, electronics, mechanical design, and building layouts.

If you want to have affordable and efficient CAD services, Rapid 3D is an ideal choice. It offers engineering and design services including 3D modeling, drafting services, and 2D drawings. In this article, we have listed the reasons why you should hire Rapid 3D for outsource CAD services. Have a look!

3D Modelling

Rapid 3D offers excellent 3D modeling service that will provide a realistic view of your design from various angles. This is a great way to analyze the aesthetic qualities and the functionality of the product. With the help of 3D modeling, you can get a detailed model for demonstrating your project. We have equipped our facilities with the latest technology to produce accurate and quality 3D model.

In addition, we can even apply light effects, materials, and create realistic renders. So, if you want to hire a 3D designer, Rapid 3D is the right choice.

CAD Drawing Service

Another reason that makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd is our outstanding CAD services. we have a team of experienced and qualified professionals who are willing to go an extra mile for providing quality projects. We can transform any format file into a dimensioned CAD drawing. In case you want to hire a CAD designer, we are a reliable name.

Drafting Services

We offer drafting services for mechanical, manufacturing, engineering, and other industries. You can hire drafters to get a CAD or 3D model that is in accordance to your needs. Our professionals are capable of handling all types of drafting projects, from 2D to 3D CAD conversions, or architectural drafting.

Floor Plans

If you want to have accurate floor plans or layouts, we have skilled and trained experts. A remarkable thing about our services is that we offer both 2D and 3D layouts and floor plans. We can turn a sketch into a reality; you can get floor plans for factories, shops, homes, parking lots, rooms, offices, and building lots.

We have contract drafter for providing final blueprints or architectural drafting. Our layouts can be used for promotional purposes as well. You can get a blueprint or layout drafted for anything including interior furniture, shop layouts, assembly lines, and machine layouts.


Overall, CAD is the most efficient way to design your product. With the help of CAD, you can simulate, evaluate, develop drawings, 3D prints, and 2D drafts.  We have a team of professional and skilled contract CAD designers who are capable of product development and prototyping. Along with this, we have proficient designers who can turn your concept into a reality. If you have any queries or want to have more information, contact rapid3 designs.