We all have high expectations from our button-down shirt. It is our lifesaver piece from all formal, casual occasions. At times, we don’t even miss to wear it during weekends, with a fancy skirt, dress shirts or even to the beach with mini shorts. Indeed women dress shirts has so much of expectations. It has to look best, fit best all the time and due to this reason it has because important to make a god investment of this classic piece. Custom made women shirt dress or button-down shirts are a great way to get the perfect amount of design, fabric, color, and fit, all at the same time.

One major concern of almost every woman about the fit of button-down shirts. They are supposed to fit your body flawlessly. Hence picking up custom women button down shirt is a great option. The one that won’t be too boxy, too long, too short, too tight, and definitely shouldn’t create gape at the chest. We know that’s a lot to ask from one simple piece of clothing.  Button-down shirts patterns are difficult to construct especially when dealing with female proportions.  Therefore custom made button down search are the best option. It takes care of your proportion and cuts in such a way that it should highlight your curves no matter what body shape you are having. To make a custom made button down shirt purchase easier we have come up with the best custom made button down shirt options.

  1. The first option finalist is a white button down shirt. Nothing can be more classic than a white button down shirt, an ideal option for all your formal events job interviews office days and your vacation days. It is actually harder for you to find out the days where you can’t wear them. The ideal fabrics should be comfortable to carry it whole day.2. Silk and satin button down shirts. For warmer weather, you might just want a light breathable fabric instead of the one in a heavier fabric. The one with cute collars and sleeves can give you a playful and chic look if you are not looking for formal occasions.


  1. Oversized button down shirts for a casual look. Getting the right size is always not mandatory. Sometimes oversized button down shirts turns out to be a perfect piece for your evening hangouts or dinner dates. An oversized button down shirt with small stripes print, an interesting collar is all that you need to cheer up the look of a button down shirt. Pair it up with high waist pants or with a mini skirt and get the most comfortable yet edgy look for all your special occasions. Even in case of oversized button down, getting the cuffs, the length of the sleeve in balanced is important otherwise it will look too baggy. Custom made shirts gives you the flexibility to increase just the length of the shirt while keeping the rest completely fitting.


  1. Custom made wrinkled button-down shirts is for women who are lazy and yet want to stay stylish. They are a great option for all your casual events and the best part is you don’t have to iron than every time you wear it.


  1. Stretch perfect shirt. Women who want to highlight their curves in a button down shirt should opt for stretchy search not to stretchy not too loose but just the perfect fit to give your body a nice silhouette. Women who are not sure or confident about their body shape shouldn’t go for stretchy shirts.


  1.  perfect fitting crisp button down shirts with details. These shirts are ideal for bustier women as it prevents gapping between the buttons. If you are getting it custom made then always ask for or details like breast pockets, ruffles or pleats on the chest part. The ideal material would be cotton or silk instead of stretchy fabrics as these fabrics will skim gracefully over the body as opposed to creating just up and down silhouette.


  1. Shirts with a belt. If you want to create an edgy look over the boring formals then adding a skinny belt to create a nipped-in in waist look is one good option. The best thing about this look is the way it highlights your waist by withdrawing your attention from all other areas which you are not confident about.
    8 women with broad Shoulders when looking for custom button down shirts should always give focus to the sleeve seam. Ideally, the cut tapers should be toward the waist so that your upper half doesn’t look busty. A tie-neck design at the shoulders will bring the eye to the body’s centre.Hope the above suggestions for custom women’s button-down shirts will help you decide the perfect custom made a button-down shirt for yourself.