A couple of years ago coconut oil started becoming more and more popular. More and more research came out showing how coconut oil was not only good for our outward appearance like our skin, but it was healthy for our joints and our insides too. Are these benefits just for women? If they are for men too, what are the benefits? In this article on mens health website, we are going to answer these questions for you and more.

Lose weight

Did you know that coconut oil can help you to lose weight? This can be confusing because it is not low in calories. With that said, it’s very fat. There are two different types of fats. There are saturated fats that can be found in potato chips and other items like that and unsaturated fats such as avocado and coconut oil which will help to increase your metabolism and ultimately help you to lose weight. Coconut oil is a super popular staple in the Keto community as well.


It’s important to keep your coconut oil in moderation. For example, you could cook with coconut oil. Replace your traditional baking oil when you don’t want your eggs to stick to the pan and start cooking with coconut oil. This will give you a healthy amount of fats that are good for you and it will help some of your cooking ingredients not to stick to the pan.


Heart health

Did you know that coconut oil is excellent for heart health? Many men struggle with their heart and keeping it healthy. By incorporating coconut oil into your routine you are helping keep your heart strong. Even if you don’t believe you have any heart issues, it’s important to take the steps to avoid having heart problems in the future. Adding coconut oil into your routine will do just this.


Gives you more energy

Since coconut oil has quite a few calories it will help to increase your energy. Healthy fats like coconut oil are similar to carbohydrates. They are great to have right before your workout or before doing something active. If you are feeling a bit sluggish, you also can add some coconut oil to your meal and notice the benefits of added energy almost immediately. The good thing about coconut oil is since it is not high in sugar it will not spike your blood sugar and have a sudden crash an hour later.


It won’t dip your blood sugar

As we just stated, coconut oil won’t suddenly dip your blood sugar. This is very important, especially for your overall health. This means it’s great to add to a meal. It will help to slow down your overall digestive system and even help you absorb some of the nutrients better that you may not have been before. This is a great trick in order to lower your glycemic load and even out the blood sugar inside your body.


Good for your skin

Who doesn’t want great skin? It’s not just women that want great skin. Coconut oil is a great treatment if you have a skin infection or if you simply want nicer skin. An article was posted in the International Journal of Dermatology states that when you put coconut oil on your skin two times per week that it will help to treat eczema, certain skin conditions, a rash, atopic dermatitis, and more.


Lowers cholesterol

Coconut oil is great for your overall health. This means it is good if you are looking to lose weight, get healthier, get stronger, or all of the above. Since losing weight and getting healthier typically means your cholesterol will drop, it means that coconut oil will also help you to lower your cholesterol. What a great reason to start incorporating it into your routine.


Oral health

As healthy as coconut oil is for your overall health, it’s just as healthy for your oral health. One thing that you can do with coconut oil is used as a mouth cleaner. In order to do this, you will take a scoop and put it into your mouth. Normally, coconut oil is hard but will soon melt when it is in a place like your mouth that is warm. The only downside to this is that it needs to stay in your mouth and act as a mouthwash for at least 15 minutes. If you get into the habit of using this daily while you are doing something else, it will first make it a lot more likely that you remember to do it, and you don’t end up actually working on your teeth and gums for 15 minutes (or more). When the coconut oil is inside your mouth gentle swish it around and makes sure it goes in between your teeth. When you are finished, make sure you don’t spit it down the sink and instead into a garbage can so that it doesn’t end up clogging your drain when it re-hardens. Using coconut oil on your mouth is wonderful for your gums and your teeth and will help to keep cavities away. It also will help your teeth to become more white.


As you can see, there are so many benefits for men when they use coconut oil. Coconut oil is not a super expensive product either. By having a product like a coconut oil you can trust, you will be on your way to a healthier you. Start incorporating it into different things you do during the day and you will start noticing the difference quickly. For more tips and information on getting healthy, check out our website.