Should You Buy Kratom Capsules or Powder – What is Best?

When it comes to buying kratom at, the two main ways you can buy it are powder and capsules. In order to use the capsules, you simply take them as you would. Many of these come in gel caps and are easily consumed, and then as the shell dissolves, the kratom can start working in your digestive system almost immediately (depending on whether you have a full stomach or not). There are pros about both forms, and cons as well. But in general, it is situational and depends on the individual basis.


What About Pills?

When it comes to the pills, the main thing that you are getting is convenience. You don’t have to make a tea, the agents are released a little slower so you don’t have to get slammed with side effects, and you don’t have to measure each dose because many doses are already set in stone. They are easily consumed and you don’t have any issues in general taking the gel caps.

The downside of the capsules however is that the dosage per capsule may be slightly different, and every capsule makes a difference even if it’s just 1mg off. Not only this, but most people want to feel the effects that make them feel better more immediately, rather than waiting up to 2 hours for the positive side effects, so they’d rather use the powder. You also don’t have the benefit of knowing that you’re getting the purest Kratom (unless you wanted to test the contents of a capsule in a laboratory). There could also be fillers in the capsules if it’s not from a manufacturer and supplier like Best Kratom Capsules.


The Puff from the Powder

With kratom powder, you don’t have the same convenience as you do the pills, and you have to take more responsibility for your actions. Many people claim the effects from the powder is more pure, and that they are able to obtain more instantaneous results by brewing the powder in a tea, smoking it, or eating it in consumables (naturally consumables will take longer than tea or smoking it as the oils aren’t immediately extracted and ingested). Often times, the powder is actually cheaper than the pills as well, and many stores have more powder supplies than capsules available, and you don’t run as much risk of the powder being corrupted (it can still happen, it is just not as common because people know that it’s easier to test unprocessed products for purity).



By buying a product from a place like Best Kratom Capsules, you know what you’re getting. These stores have wonderful reviews, and you always want to take a look at everything and do your homework on kratom. However, at BKC, they do sell both forms of kratom and they’re both actually just about equally popular. When it comes to which is best, both the kratom powder and the pills are almost equivalent, but they just have different pros and cons. The truth is, kratom is still kratom, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s in capsule form, or powder, the side effects and pain relief you receive from it can in fact still be the same.