It’s every GAMSAT students dream to revise using the best GAMSAT prep courses at their disposal.

A lot of students often opt in enrolling into GAMSAT classroom courses, whilst at the same time supplementing their GAMSAT study by buying more books and courses from other GAMSAT training providers and thus extending their arsenal of GAMSAT prep materials and GAMSAT prep books.

We always tell our students to choose the best course of action depending upon what their budget and the type of requirements and expectations they have and are after when looking for the Best GAMSAT preparation materials for Section 2  to revise with.

If you want to become a doctor, you will need to conquer the gruelling 5.5-hour exam. To help you ace the GAMSAT exam, we rounded up the best GAMAT prep books, materials and courses to buy today.

We will hopefully outline the pros and cons of classroom based GAMSAT learning compared with studying on your own with GAMSAT products you’ve purchased from GAMSAT providers and hopefully at the end of this article you’ll be able to figure out what the best GAMSAT prep materials and courses are.

As you already know (if not, you know now), that ACER produces the only official GAMSAT test preparation materials. There are currently two types of preparation materials available: two automatically scored online written communication practice tests, and five publications in the form of GAMSAT preparation e-books.

The ACER GAMSAT booklets are the only official practice materials. The sample questions and practice tests are a great way to simulate the scope of the real GAMSAT exam simply because the eBooks are provided by the official ACER website. This also is great as you can easily just print the eBooks out and simulate a 5.5hr exam under timed exam conditions.

The truth to the matter is that there are advantages and disadvantages to every type of learning environment and GAMSAT preparation prep materials from different GAMSAT prep providers.

It is best to use the advantages that each method to GAMSAT preparation materials offers – either classroom based or self-study – to their fullest extent.

Studying for the GAMSAT highly depends on the individual’s motivation to learn.

It comes down to the effort that you as an individual will put into your studying. This is what will ultimately determine how much you will retain and how beneficial the approach that you take will be in helping you pass the GAMSAT with the right GAMSAT prep materials. After all, you need to make the most of the resources at your disposal and this is what ultimately leads to the best GAMSAT prep materials.